Monday, 28 November 2016

Cultural Promo vid...

She starts with 'Deaf & HoH' then commences to extol the value and virtues of a signing and cultural community.  Basically this is a dishonest video in that it doesn't explain that HoH are NOT part of the cultural community, and by and large do NOT support the cultural view of deafness.

The HoH do not HAVE a community of any kind.   This video is basically to encourage parents of DEAF children to integrate their children within a deaf world to retain their identities, and not to go for alleviations like CI's or adopt oral means of educating their children.  In short, the Deaf world is all their children will ever want or need.

One wonders if children have any say at all given the pressures on parents from the world at large,and pressures from cultural activists who have condemned parents on a number of fronts. The only clear awareness are the captions.

It would assist real awareness if the 'Deaf' activists dropped the 'HoH' tag altogether and played fair on awareness.

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