Sunday, 13 November 2016

How much help does you LA give ?

Still unclear how much DEAF AND HI suppotrm is provided...

County councils in our area spent more than £44,000 on interpreters and translators in the last year. However Staffordshire County Council cut their spending from £49,184 in 2013-14 to £24,752 in 2015-16. Over the border in Derbyshire, costs rose by just under £10,000. From £10,386 in 2013-14 to £19,412 in 2015-16. 

Translation or interpreter services cover not only foreign languages but help for the blind or those who use sign language.  Ian Parry, deputy leader at Staffordshire County Council said: "We have a duty to make our information and services available to all our residents and always try to achieve this.

"This can mean translating the information we give into different languages, producing brail or large print for people who are visually impaired or finding interpreters for people who do not speak English or who are deaf or hard of hearing. "We also produce materials in an accessible formats for people with learning difficulties and or disabilities."

In Derbyshire, council bosses told the Mail that if they felt the money was not being spent efficiently, they would act upon it. A spokesman said: "Derbyshire is a large county with over 750,000 residents. We have a duty to make sure all our residents can access our services and information – including those who don't speak English or rely on Braille or British Sign Language.

"By law, we have to make sure disabled residents can access our services and information. This means the money we spend on translation services includes publishing documents in braille on request, British Sign Language services and producing a number of our leaflets and consultation documents in easy-read versions for people with learning disabilities and audio books for people with sight impairments.

"There are also a variety of languages spoken across the county that we take into consideration to ensure our information is available to everyone who needs it so they can understand how to access our services.

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