Monday, 7 November 2016

MacBook keyboard flaw: blind issues.

Macs built-in screenreader VoiceOver, which allows visually impaired people to use the computers, is generally seen favorably by those in the visually impaired community. But part of the design of Apple's new laptop could cause visually impaired users some real difficulty.

That would be the new OLED Touch Bar that will sit at the top of the MacBook's keyboard, where the function buttons used to be. The Touch Bar was already raising concerns for users who worried what would happen if the Escape key was not always accessible, but for visually impaired users it presents other problems. 

To toggle the VoiceOver software users must press the Command and F5 keys. With the addition of the Touch Bar, that F5 key will be integrated into one smooth long bar, without an easy way for visually impaired users to find it.

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