Wednesday, 2 November 2016

More UK cuts to hearing aid provision ?

Image result for cuts to hearing aid provisionsConcern is raised as more  Health Trusts in the UK want to limit hearing aid provision.  On social media today:-


"Had a call from BBC Hereford and Worcester yesterday and have been interviewed live on radio this morning. Hearing aid provision for people with mild hearing loss is on a shortlist of 6 possible cuts for anyone living in the 3 Worcestershire CCG areas. I am fighting for the 'impact on life' to be the main consideration when deciding who gets hearing aids. 

A senior audiologist told me that two people could have the same audiogram readings but that the impact on their lives could be wildly different. My hearing aids certainly have transformed my life. I will be writing to the CCGs again. A firm decision is to be made at the end of November. Those who live in Worcestershire and feel strongly on this subject might like to contact their CCG too. We cannot let the hearing make decisions for us without a fight."


"Initially it was all centred around Staffs area, and the AOHL claiming to have overturned the decision to limit people to one hearing aid. I wrote at the time 4 out of 7 welsh health trusts had started debating doing the same thing. You need to campaign strongly now, because it will be policy through the back door before you know it. 

It's beyond common sense to wait until an individual has lost so much hearing via some remote 'db' rule that has no bearing on how loss affects you, to be some bottom line. The other side of the coin is the DWP demanding you get medical 'proof'of loss and the ENT saying he or she doesn't need an aid. Proof of loss is NOT proof of how loss affects you because there is no system to define it.. 

The various loss degrees affect different people different ways. The idea of two aids is to relieve undo stress on the one good ear you still have, with that gone you will rapidly lose... both."

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