Thursday, 3 November 2016

Pro-Tactile ASL..

Tactile sign language is a special method of communication, usually for people who were born deaf (and were already used to sign language) and then lost their eyesight. The system involves a type of movement of the hands that is based on traditional sign language and integrates a tactile component. 

In this way, the person who is receiving the communication touches the person who is signing and, in this way, can understand what the other is trying to communicate. Because those giving and receiving messages cannot see each other, some kind of feedback is essential: for example touching the hand or forearm of the signer lightly or if sitting, pushing a hand up and down on one’s knee, as if to nod manually. 

Of course, for each version of traditional sign language there is a corresponding tactile version. For example, LIST, the Italian version (lingua dei segni italiana tattile), TASL (Tactile American Sign Language), and the French verions, LSFT (Langue des Signes Fran├žaise Tactile), and so on.

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