Wednesday, 9 November 2016


A Brit view.  Like the recent UK Brexit upset, the USA establishments like the UK ones, vastly underestimated the gross dissatisfaction the silent majority has with the inertia and complacency as well as the career-led politicians and city slickers sat on their ass and ignored the concerns of the electorate.

They said Brexit would never happen, they were wrong, they said Trump a misogynistic racist wouldn't win, wrong again.  Clinton appeared to surround herself with women, minorities and pop stars and funded via a staggering $1.2B and still lost.  Trump used $.5B and still won.

It would appear the platform for too many minorities and ignoring the majority went against her.  Most could not see where their interests were being represented. For that concern in the UK we read the majority were all fascist, xenophobic racists and hate-filled discriminators against minorities.  Cue Trump-Clinton decisions exactly the same rhetoric being used by the losers.

Clinton's supporters wheeling out a woman who claimed Trump assaulted her 15 years ago was scraping the barrel as she failed to provide any proof whatever it happened, Clinton using a private server for her e-mails,another mistake. Can the USA come together ?  Brexit divided the UK and there is no coming together here yet, only more concern as the UK government attempts to defy the will of the people. 

The next few years look interesting, but, will established systems learn from their mistakes ?

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