Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Alert for the deaf and HoH

Deaf people can now perceive of loud sirens and alarmsFrom smoke alarms to ambulance sirens. Typical sounds that deaf people cannot hear. Now, thanks to SoundSense, a small and discreet appliance, a simple vibration can warn the person wearing the device of an acoustic warning that requires immediate attention. The device takes advantage of surprisingly simple technology. 

A microphone passes a signal to a microchip, that is able to pick up on sudden increases in volume and precise acoustic signals such as horns and sirens, and in turn, sends a vibrating message. The battery lasts one full day, and can be recharged using USB. 

“We wanted to make something practical and economical (it costs a little more than €20) that anyone would be able to use. For example, consider an elderly person or an individual with any type of disability” clarified Brian Goral, co-founder and CEO of the company that produces the device.

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