Wednesday, 14 December 2016

AOHL: We WILL work for the DWP.

Image result for AOHLKudos in part for the UK's leading charity in allowing deaf to attack the way they cooperate with areas of the state that are known discriminators of their clients, responses here !  

What they said in answer to complaint from some deaf they were endorsing discrimination and allying with those who carry it out, simply to get funding.

What AOHL said:

"Action on Hearing Loss may consider DWP contracts in the future. We support the provision of specialist employment services for people with hearing loss, especially for deaf young people who are often furthest away from the jobs market. Our employment services in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland have shown to be highly effective in getting people with hearing loss into, and remaining in work. We want to ensure that there is a continuation in these services once the Work and Health Programme is in place.

Information Line Officer"

How ATR responded amid others:

"I don't really think what AOHL does affects deaf people in the slightest because deaf do not support AOHL anyway, if AOHL stops claiming falsehoods via representation then that debate is over for the Deaf, but we are talking many millions of £'s a year lost to that sector then, money, the 'cultural' area has never been able to raise itself, mainly because they won't be portrayed as needy or dependent on support, which is the main reason people donate money. If you look and are competent and able and managing pretty well mostly, people are not going to feel they need to give you money, indeed may round on you to get a job and stop playing the disability card when it suits, just some of the issues some of us had to deal with.

AOHL should lead by example and stop giving the DWP charitable kudos because the DWP is using that cooperation to rubber-stamp attacks on people, cuts to services with deafness and loss, and claiming even own deaf and HI charities agree with them, that is the danger of cooperating with the DWP. 

Charities undermine our rights, which are ours in law, and should not be at the whim of the state handing out a few quid to salve their conscience and to pass over rights, support and care to the vagaries of the begging bowl. As regards to meetings, it is done by rote and habit, charity says this is bad, this isn't good enough, the state says we are doing what we can, end of, until the next pointless round of meetings. In Wales they have abandoned meetings between the deaf and sensory impaired and the Assembly, since Nov 2015 in fact.

The BDA and their area appear to me at least VERY active within the corridors of power, in Scotland quite impressive, it is the HoH who sit on their rear ends. The only drawback there, is Deaf won't support access for any other hearing loss areas or work with them. 

Again the complaint is WE as 'stake-holders', or 'clients' (Not actual people !), are secondary to the main event in input and representational terms. I don't feel unless I am a paying member I should have no say at all in service provision that may well affect me. I think only radical campaigning in person makes for real effect, that means withdrawal of support for areas that discriminate, and taking them head on, talk is cheap. I think that should be the top, middle and bottom line. I also don't feel strangers who aren't even deaf or have a hearing loss should be speaking for me either. That means 90% of AOHL."


N.B. Fellow UK bloggers can also help us all, by NOT giving charities their support, where the image is one of 'help', or is visibly maintaining the 'dependency' 'reliance', and 'medical 'images of deaf people, ATR seems the ONLY UK blog that does not allow charities to be fronted on that basis.    

That the AOHL justifies itself in supporting young people into work (Which is the state's legal obligation anyway), doesn't ring true.  We all know the cuts to A2W carried out by the state, made terps redundant and employers even less likely to employ deaf people.  Now they throw a few quid at AOHL and then take the kudos if charity gets them into a job, which UK Own employment statistics suggest, is far less than 26% of all deaf, and most of them NOT in full time work.  

The issue of jobs isn't just support, but institutional discrimination by employers and the CBI, which the state WON'T address. In real terms MORE deaf had work in 1944 than they do now.

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  1. One problem is that AOHL tell DWP they can provide, then when asked for service, they can't.