Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Deaf-Blind woman refuses a CI for sign instead.

Instead of having cochlear implants she chose to learn Auslan (Australian Sign Language) as she said the implants were not a cure for deafnessShe has a passion for cheerleading and at 19 years old, a thirst for knowledge that has seen her learn five languages. One of which is Auslan.

Miss Vlajkovic is deaf and blind, and told Daily Mail Australia while she had the option to have cochlear implants, she chose instead to learn to sign.  Perth woman Vanessa Vlajkovic, 19, is deaf and blind, but refuses to let it hold her back from achieving her dreams

Members of the deafblind community can use a modified version of sign language - known as tactile Auslan - where they place their hand over the hand of the signer. They can also use finger spelling, where signs are formed on the palm of the hand.

Miss  Vlajkovic is able to communicate via text by using a special device that converts her texts in to braille.  With these different methods of communication available, she decided against a cochlear implant.

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