Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Deafened woman attacked by Girl Gang.

A deaf woman has told how she was punched in the face and strangled  just a few yards from a new home she was hoping to move into whilst out with a friends over the weekend in Portsmouth.

The sick attack took place in the Hilsea area of Portsmouth were the mum of one was hoping to move into her dream property and make a fresh start with her daughter.  The woman who lost her hearing to Ménière’s disease, was cornered by the group of girls as she walked through Hilsea on Saturday night. The  deaf woman has told how she was punched in the face and strangled  just a few yards from her prospective  home.

A friend who was also out with her explained that she got lost . She is totally deaf  and had no hearing aid. She lip reads to understand you. She talks like she does because she can’t hear her own voice.  As she fought to protect herself, the girls scratched her across her face and levelled more blows at her face and  head.  The mum  ended up very shaken and injured.  She  spent the  remainder of night at the Accident and emergency department at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in   Saturday after sick attack.

She was recovering in Andover  from a swollen eye, as well as cuts and bruises to her face and other parts of her body.

Commenting on her ordeal, she said  “I am very shaken. I have no doubt that I was targeted because of the way that I spoke.  It really thought the area was nice. Me and my daughter where going to move here in the New year and have a fresh start. I have gone off the area and think that I will stay well clear .

Many outraged people have taken to social media to express their Anger to such a sick attack.

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