Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Less is More

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Ok So its new year resolution time again !  Here are ATR's..

(1) Less campaigning for self, more campaigning for all.

(2) Less about Culture, and navel gazing, more about mutual inclusion of people by acceptance.

(3) More Compassion, less about me, me, me...

(4) More Captions with sign, and less sign with nothing else.

(5) More 'Them', less about 'Us'

(6) Much less about Charity, but lots more about right and empowerment.

(8) No 'Deaf/deaf',  more about 'Respecting others' and equality.

(9) Less of the medical, but more acknowledging the disability.

(10) 2017 to be nothing like 2016 !

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