Tuesday, 27 December 2016

More sign Please...

Nicola Nunn of the University of Central Lancashire
Now if only signed access presently and already being done by health areas, was captioned too....  Captions for all in 2017..... Deaf can read too !

Academics at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) want to see the health service creating videos allowing people who are deaf or hard of hearing better access to website content. Dr Luigi Lerose of the University of Central Lancashire They say that use of video with key information or an online interpreting service would allow for greater engagement. 

Dr Jun Hui Yang, senior lecturer in deaf studies at UCLan, says: “Information about health should be fully accessible to the deaf community.” 

Although there are some videos explaining about health conditions and services to people who use British Sign Language (BSL) to communicate, Dr Yang argues that there is not enough and they do not go into enough depth. “Generally sign language videos don’t have the same amount of information as what is written in text on NHS websites, it’s limited,” she says. 

Dr Jun Hui Yang of the University of Central Lancashire She and her colleagues, BSL and deaf studies lecturer Dr Luigi Lerose and senior lecturer in BSL and Deaf Studies Nicola Nunn, are calling for parity when it comes to information provided on NHS websites for those who are hearing and those who communicate through sign language. Dr Lerose says: “The ways of communicating through technology now are broad - I can speak to my family through Skype and FaceTime and these tools are very useful to the deaf community. 

These programmes are developing all the time and we can use interpreters through a live video service to contact banks for instance. “It’s important that there is information on websites for sign language users and it’s a relief when you see that they have an interpreting service or there’s a video which translates the information so that the deaf community can have access to the content in their own language.

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