Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Nominated for Integrating deaf children...

Catherine Finestone
If only more saw this as a positive thing.

A leading Falkirk teacher of the deaf has been nominated for a national award after changing the way deaf children are integrated in local schools.

Catherine Finestone, who is head of Windsor Park School and Sensory Service in Falkirk, has been revealed as a finalist in the Leadership in Education Award at the national Signature Annual Awards.  Catherine has been in deaf education for over 40 years and in her current role for 17 years promoting sign language and providing support to children and families.

Windsor Park School for the Deaf sits on the same campus as Bantaskin Primary and the nursery is the dedicated nursery for deaf children who use sign language. Windsor Park Secondary Department is situated within Falkirk High School. Pupils have access to all facilities provided in the mainstream schools and integrate with the other students on a regular basis.

The experienced teacher is also head of the Falkirk Peripatetic Service for Hearing Impaired and Visually Impaired Children, which supports children from diagnosis to school leaving age. The organisation currently supports 163 hearing impaired and 135 visually impaired children.

Catherine also oversees the delivery of British Sign Language training to children of all abilities, staff, parents and members of the community and across the cluster schools, which includes Windsor Park, Falkirk High and primary schools Easter Carmuirs, Carmuirs, Bainsford, Langlees, Bantaskin, Comley Park, Slammanan and Limerigg.

Catherine said: “It is an honour to be nominated for the award and for the schools and the staff to be recognised for their commitment to the deaf community.

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