Thursday, 1 December 2016

The Deaf Art of saying nothing...

Unadulterated bllx from start to finish, and where WAS the (d)eaf inclusion at all  ?  Maybe he doesn't understand what access and inclusion is, we too, doubt equality is part of the 'Deaf' psyche and that is the only valid point he really made.

Unfortunately, he didn't clarify just what point he was making, often choosing to blind people with obscure definitions and hen failing to clarify instead.

Perhaps plain English is more preferable a modus of communication that obscure cultural definitions being applied like a scatter gun to everyone with hearing loss within range.  After the umpteenth time of using the D/d thing it was clear he was desperately trying to suggest 11m of us share his view, and, he failed to clarify the references he used as a basis for his view.

I thank him for use of captions, but it may have been more valid if he had included the (d)eaf instead via his thesis.   I doubt the WFD or the BDA HAVE any (d)eaf membership of any kind.  I would have preferred to have seen a HoH viewpoint or representative challenging his view on access, equality, and inclusion, we are NOT impressed with the cultural stance on that so far.

His view Deaf do not want real equality is unfortunately right on, they only pursue one form of it, what they want is emancipation within own area, and on own terms, unfortunately, that ISN'T an inclusive approach and can contribute to Deaf on deaf discrimination by default.  Equality it isn't on any level. So that is negative in regards to Deaf people aspirations.

It disregards personal ambitions OF deaf people who may want to be regarded equals OUTSIDE of the Deaf community.  (d)eaf will go their own way regardless, so please stop using our numerical clout to bolster your minority stance.  It was mention on this vlog dozens of times with no identifications at all we contributed to, or supported the cultural viewpoint.

You may want deaf clubs and BSL with everything, but 11m HoH don't.  All the vlog suggests is more isolation, and more of the same and a continuation of some sort of parallel 'society' bumbling along with the mainstream, how on earth do they expect access and equality and acceptance with that view ?

You have to be in it to succeed.  Or perhaps playing the martyrdom cause ad infinitum is what is expected of the activists and not real equality.  Best we to maintain cohesion of this community is to convince them they are under attack all the time so they unite ? You sadly, cannot have your cake and eat it as well.

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