Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Deaf must pay the price of Crime too.

I read with sadness Mr Blackwell suggesting deaf people who commit crimes, should be able to play the 'Deaf Card' as some sort of get out of free jail option.

The deaf community is not about lobbying for exceptions to rules everyone else has to follow, it's about equality.  I share Mr Blackwell's concern about support whilst in Jail.

The issue with this particular crime of fraud, was that it undermined the basic principles of fair play and rights deaf people lobby for, i.e. a level playing field.  AtW funding is a hot potato in regards to support deaf people into work, it's a VERY expensive aspect to do that, and the people jailed stole £1,000,000s worth of funding that could have created jobs for many deaf people.

This wasn't a victim-less crime, it was one that robbed deaf people directly.  Suggestions only the state took a loss was false, we all did as a result of this fraud, and without  paying for that, we endorse an attitude  some deaf can get away with anything they like on 'access' grounds, so the abuse not only denied deaf people a job, and undermined their integrity as a culture, it is suggested carry on breaking the law, playing the deaf card AND abusing the very access we fight so hard for.

By all means lobby they get their signed support, do NOT excuse what they do, or suggest they should get away with it....  By the same tokens expressed, if the fraudsters had all been hearing, all hell would have broken loose, so duality too... sad.

These people profited by denying us, had holidays and expensive cars, and homes, crime must pay.  More so with these people they were pretending to act as our support.  There are more than a few other deaf who want the key thrown away  i.e. after they got locked up !

Hello Young lovers (Whatever you hear)..

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

David Cluff: My story...

From shy to being comfortable with public speaking events, David B. Cluff shares his story. David is highly motivated and passionate about the deaf and helping individuals through his experience as a Cochlear Implant recipient. 

The good old days...

Terry and Ernie share their memories of the good old days of North West Deaf Sports, remembering all the good times they had playing in matches and competitions. 

They recall which sports were involved in NW Deaf Sports back in the day and how many members there were then. But they also explain that over the years the numbers of people involved have got less and less and so sadly now NW Deaf Sports is dying and things aren't the same as they were.

Woof !: Taxi driver fined for refusing guide dog.

court gavelA Preston taxi driver has been fined after he refused to take a passenger with a guide dog.

Zabar Hussain has become the first cabbie in the county to be fined under the Equality Act after he denied Cheryl Johnson and her Labrador a lift home. Preston magistrates ordered 44-year-old Hussain, of Oozehead Lane, Blackburn, to pay a £55 fine, a £20 victim surcharge and £250 costs.

A charity's warned incidents like this aren't isolated. The Guide Dogs organisation claim nearly half of guide dog owners have been refused access to things like shops and taxis in the last year.

Emma Allen-Taylor is the engagement officer at the charity, she said: “Almost half of guide dog owners surveyed have experienced an access refusal in the last year. We’re campaigning so that assistance dog owners can access taxis, shops and restaurants without being refused entry, in line with their legal rights.

Monday, 27 June 2016

Visible Cinema Event...

Deaf woman forced to expose herself to her teacher

A woman forced to strip naked along with her classmates at a Melbourne school for the deaf is suing the State of Victoria for damages.

The teacher, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, forced his “vulnerable’ eight and nine-year-old students to strip and to expose their genitalia to him and each other for “sex education” on multiple occasions.  According to a statement of claim lodged in the County Court the teacher also repeatedly forced his female students to expose their genitals to the class and him.

And on a visit to his property the paedophile teacher made his young charges line up naked and shower in front of him. The offences all occurred in the 1970s when the father was a teacher at Glendonald School for the Deaf at Kew.

He was disqualified as a teacher in 2010 after a jury found him guilty of nine counts of gross indecency with a girl under 16 years. A County Court judge who described the teacher’s offending as “very serious’’ and a breach of trust released him on a suspended jail sentence and suppressed his name because he was diagnosed with cancer during the trial and given a 55-75 per cent chance of living for five years.


Scotland leading the world in sign language provision..

Scotland is setting the agenda for sign language provision internationally thanks to new graduates from the country's first degree course on the subject.

More than a dozen new sign language interpreters have become the first to qualify after completing an MA in British Sign Language (BSL) at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh.  

The 14 graduates will go towards stemming the extreme shortage of BSL interpreters across Scotland, which currently has only 70 interpreters for a community of 6000 people.

A Masters degree in European sign language and a PhD on the subject have attracted both deaf and hearing students from across Europe, America and South Africa.  Graham Turner, chairman of Interpreting and Translation Studies, said: "We are very proud of our MA course, which attracted a full quota of 14 students in 2013, its first year.

"These graduates will now work across Scotland with deaf people who need translation services for everything from the most mundane to the most serious.

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Brexit in BSL....

Captioned song Playlist (YOUTUBE)

Deaf group forced to find new meeting place...

Deaf penalised because they DON'T have a learning issue.... 

Profoundly deaf members of a local support group are on the look out for a new meeting place after their weekly get-togethers at their current location came to an end on Friday.

For the last three years Stratford Deaf Group have enjoyed free meetings at Stratford Sports Club situated at Stratford Cricket Club off Swan’s Nest Lane. Last Friday the group of eight met as usual only to receive the sad news that they won’t be able to hold their meetings at the site anymore.

Until recently the community hub was run by a charity called Bromford who successfully bid for the tender put out by Warwickshire County Council. However, as of 1st July the hub will be run by care provider Turning Point, representatives of which, informed the deaf group on a flip chart that no more meetings could take place because being deaf is not a “learning disability.”

Communicating with the Herald via email, Stratford Deaf Group member, Ruth Goode, wrote: “Turning Point staff just turned up at our group last Friday and just said there will be no more group for us just because we don’t have learning disabilities there was no warning or letter at all. We meet regularly on Fridays mornings. We didn’t pay any fee to the Hub. We are all profoundly deaf and only use sign language to communicate, also we rely on British sign language interpreters. 

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Deaf emergency awareness forum...

Deaf warned of Online Scam....

Police are warning people to be aware of a scam offering lottery funding to members of the deaf community.

Recently, a woman from South Bristol was conned out £4,500 when she was contacted by someone pretending to be one of her Facebook friends.

This person told the victim about lottery funding available to members of the deaf community, but only if applicants pay a fee. The victim transferred the money through Western Union and MoneyGram before she realised it was bogus.

DC Geoff Smith, financial investigator, said: "These despicable criminals set up a fake profile and posed as someone the victim is friends with on Facebook in order to gain her trust and take her money.

Why Wales voted against London/Scotland/Ireland and the EU..

As a Bexit and Welsh voter, the issue as I saw it, were as much with disillusionment with London, the political elite, (surely the most arrogant and poorest qualified politicians the UK has had in recent memory) it was with the EU.  

I could suggest more so. I don't share Scotland's concerns over the vote result, and hope despite their own situation they respect the majority view of the UK, they are still a member of.  

Of course if they choose to change that situation like the referendum, then their choice absolutely.  Scotland, Ireland and London wanted to stay, Wales and most of England did not. Scotland was fed up with London, now shares its views, a revelation indeed !  

It's a coming together of all issues the UK is beset with, perhaps we needed to address them, and now is the time.... From a personal viewpoint I didn't feel London gave a shit for Wales, reported the most devastated and poorest region in the British Isles. 

Our industry has gone, our country in total neglect and us treated as beggars, or at best as poor relations with England.... There was much talk here the EU gave us this, that and the other, in fact it gave us money the UK had already sent to them anyway, and money London refused to invest in Wales itself, but, funds came from the EU to Wales, via Westminster, who siphoned off that money for itself and England.  

E.G. A £1B grant 9 years ago, was sent for Welsh regeneration, indeed we got that money, but, London responded by CUTTING the money we received via the Barnett formula, for  the same amount, so, NO GAIN at all.  In effect it was a cut in real terms, because funding we had for our NHS, job preservation, regional clearances of old industry sites, house building, education, was used instead, causing hardship to welsh people.. 

It's how Westminster treated us.  The loss of welsh industry, the thatcher years, the long standing Labour control in Wales, all were focused and targeted at the referendum. 

My own area saw top heavy placings of migrants sent on from London, but we got no finance to house, or, give these people work, or, to support those who need our NHS either, this created resentment.  Welsh people weren't racist, they were angry at support being given to those who were NOT refugees, but poor and unskilled work migrants from EU, had it been refugees we would have had more empathy, we saw it as the EU countries taking advantage, of the freedom of movement rules, clear opportunism and abuse in fact.

There was evidence to support London took the most skilled migrant, and moved the rest on to us and Northern England (Who also voted leave).  

All of a sudden Ireland London and Scotland do not want to stay in the UK because the vote didn't go their way. Childish or what ? If the vote had been stay/remain we would have accepted the situation, it is a democracy or supposed to be, do we now operate every single area in the UK as some stand alone independent in Britain ?

'Passport to Pimlico ?'

We aren't like London who are rich, or Scotland/Ireland that has a better opportunity for Independence either.   

We intended to show London in particular, that their money, their influence and their disdain/neglect of Wales was going to reflected in the way we voted, and so it happened.  

It wasn't wales alone who wanted out.  I think the welsh voter was very fair, we voted against our own First minister and the major opposition in Wales too, that was a vote against poor politicians in Wales, who clearly did not have the ear of the people, the constant begging attitude they adopted, and the failure of the ruling Labour party, we also expect Corbyn to go ASAP.   Hippies belong in the 1960s, not the 21stc.

A lot of welsh votes were against the Tory ruling party. Wales has a history of issues with that party going back to 1900s.  It's almost a genetic thing at points.  It is a reason Wales was Labour run for so long...

We aren't stupid ! we know 43 years of EU incompetence is going to mean issues for years we are prepared for it, at least I am. We all live on this island, and land connected, ( Ireland excepted), so border issues will still have to mutually accepted, I don't see England setting up cross border controls in Gretna, ridiculous, and, not possible.  

If the EU collapses, it will just show they aren't as cohesive as they made out, and as we were never really 100% in anyway, it won't be down to how we voted, I do hope they show respect for the majority in the UK.

Democracy has spoken we really do need to respect that or, we will end up like the Europeans, with none.

Cymru Am Byth....

Friday, 24 June 2016

Brexit ? I'm off to Finland !

Repercussions and poor understanding by UK deaf of any of the issues involved in the referendum.  Most, down to the 'cultural bubble', whereby signing deaf are in their own environment and as a result, unable to really relate to the world of hearing, or to politics. 

They know about access campaigning, but did nothing else but rely on the EU to provide, now, they may not be able to..

ATR was always involved, and I have to say the presence of other deaf people was not evident, many deciding in the club they weren't even going to vote, when asked why, they said 'Nothing to do with us..'  This should (but doesn't), send a warning to the deaf community that ignorance breeds contempt and what hearing people vote for WILL affect them too.

Deaf said "We disagree !! we had BSL and captioned coverage of the issues.." indeed there was, but the issue of INVOLVING deaf people, or Lobbying on the referendum never actually took place.  Not in it ? Then no chance of affecting-the outcome.

An UK blog (ATR doesn't advertise other blogs or charities)... had this response, incidentally a prime UK deaf blog that refused to put both sides of the referendum TO deaf people (Leaving them biased and in ignorance) !!!  An unacceptable and petty stance by this blog to deny deaf people a choice or be an example of democracy to the deaf.  Knowledge is power, half a choice is none.  No doubt the same people who think HoH are from Mars and Deaf from Venus.... all deaf sign, speech is the tool of the devil... and we still live in the Milan of 1880...  Contritionem praecedit superbia.

By admission they declared they only supported the remain stance, by default, they produced 'deaf people's (Own friends contributions), views ON the remain loss.  Is there any hope deaf can be better informed ?

"Very much saddened and my kids are too, as its going to affect their future for worse. The first bad news was that the pound has dropped to its lowest level in years and there’s more to come. People will complain about price rises, increase in mortgages etc. Government released information on expenditure and showed that only 0.37% is spent on EU, so little and we get so much out of Europe. We will miss the value that Europe bring to the UK and I may consider moving to Finland!"


"I’m backing the UK of course. Do you think moving to Finland (!!?) will, prevent these Europeans at each others throats ? It’s not the beginning of the end, but a start of a NEW beginning, a great opportunity for us as deaf/disabled and HoH people to support and include each other. I hope they seize that opportunity. A lot of good can come from Brexit, see the positives, not the ‘remain’ negatives 24/7, which after all, lost them the argument. 

They reported billions lost in the stock exchange and blamed Brexit, when in fact it was speculators in the city of London gambling YOUR money on a remain win. 

We could start with uniting BSL and HoH groups under one banner, then sorting out the complete mess that is support charities. If we want political representation then we all HAVE to unite because BSL deaf in number cannot fight a political seat anywhere on its own, suggestions as to a party for us all ?"

Free courses for the Deaf...

Hi everyone this is a short video of VivasPro's practical art and craft courses supported by public funding from Arts Council England for Deaf and disabled people. If you like what you see, courses are still recruiting in 2016

Deaf man mocked by teen gang...

Latest newsA deaf man was mocked and mimicked by a gang of men at Telford bus station.

The young men copied his use of sign language and his speech before making derogatory comments towards a bald man.

Police are now appealing for information and for any witnesses to the incident to come forward.  Investigating officer, PC Steve Mellor, said: "Nobody should have to tolerate victimisation because of who they are.

Children's Trust signs BSL Charter...

The Children s Trust  signed up to the British Sign Language Charter in Doncaster.
The Children’s Trust, which delivers children’s social care in Doncaster, to the Deaf Trust where they signed up to the British Sign Language (BSL) Charter.

The charter pledges to provide easy access to services for British Sign Language users and is an example of the importance being placed on BSL users having access to appropriate services.

Going it Alone....

Brexit, A Victory for democracy. It was as much about abysmal politics, vested interest, and third-rate politicians, as it was about EU failings. 

If the EU now fails, then it is their own fault.  We have the worst crop of political representation in living memory, now they all got to go, Cameron, Corbyn et al.  ATR extends the hand to those who campaigned to remain and hope they accept the decision of the majority of voters. 

This is not time to be fighting each other now. For those who said Farage was a buffoon a racist an idiot, for Big business, bankers, oppositional EU member states, for the losing project doom side, and even a USA president, we say, the British people have spoken, now get with it. 

51% is a majority in any statistic, we got 52%.  Yesterday we had the biggest electoral turn out in History too... 72% No carping please. BIG job ahead.

Thursday, 23 June 2016


To reclaim our country from faceless and un-elected bureaucrats who undermine NATO, invite IS-run Turkey and Terrorists in for free, who run a federalist state like a pop contest and by committee with 28 vetoes, and who bankrupted Greece, Spain and Italy, then left them with refugees the richer members of the EU didn't want. They will screw us too given the chance.  Vote BREXIT.

Cut the gravy train off for luvvie deaf and disabled campaigners, more interested in trips for free, and jobs for the boys, than campaigning here in the UK !

Only the Leave EU campaign talks up the British people.  Reject Obama's plea to stay, he is only interested in trade deals with the EU, NOT Britain, and the USA doesn't pay its taxes !

My (HoH) Voice

Deaf in the Military ? NOT a good idea..

From a recent article by a Vet.. having deaf in the military ?  not a good idea.

The lead item on page B1 of last Thursday’s News-Post grabbed my attention. It seems that there are some who think that it’s right and prudent to permit people who are deaf to serve in the military. Being a veteran who served in the Army both as an enlisted man and a commissioned officer, I have concerns.

In the military, uniformity is the name of the game. Commands are given, and everyone must respond. How can a deaf person respond to a command without delay? It’s imperative, yet not possible. I’m fully aware of the Americans with Disabilities Act and “reasonable accommodations.” 

Is it “reasonable” for the military to assign a person capable of signing to every unit with deaf personnel? Using such a person can create delays. We do need to consider “reasonable.”

The proposal was to start with Air Force officers. My experience with Air Force people is nearly nil, but having both enlisted and commissioned service, I have one pertinent comment to make. Many enlisted people already feel that they have officers who won’t listen to them. Think of their reaction should they have officers who can’t listen. A little humor there, but a serious consideration.

With the concept of uniformity in mind, militarily, it is best for all concerned that everyone is treated equally. Receiving special or exceptional treatment for whatever reason is bound to create some resentment in the ranks. In any unit, civilian or military, that is never a good thing.

100s turn out to remember Kirsty...

Hundreds of people attended a memorial in Glasgow tonight for deaf mum Kirsty Aitchison. It was held near the spot where Kirsty’s body was pulled from the River Clyde.

Kirsty's family and friends attended the event as pink balloons were released in her memory. Mum-of-four Kirsty, from Robroyston, vanished in the early hours of June 12 after a night out with friends in Glasgow.

Her body was recovered from the Clyde near the Riverboat Casino on the Broomielaw on Saturday. More than £12,500 has been raised for Kirsty’s family since the weekend through a JustGiving page.

In a Facebook video message to supporters from Kirsty’s family, Derek Todd, of the National Deaf Children’s Society, said: “The family want to thank you from the bottom of their hearts for fundraising.  “No money will replace Kirsty but every penny will support the poor children.”

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

The Signing Queen...

CODA signs for Dad at wedding...

The most emotional part of any wedding may be the father-daughter dance, but one bride's show of support was so poignant that it brought her proud dad to tears.

Julie Finkel decided to sign the lyrics to the song she chose for the father-daughter dance so her dad, who was born deaf, would be able to hear it too.  Signing has always been a part of Ohio native Julie Finkel's life.

"I think I was signing before I was talking...When I am at a loss for words in English, I know exactly what to sign. I even dream in sign language sometimes."

Both her parents were born deaf after their mothers contracted Rubella Measles in a 1964 outbreak while they were pregnant.

Deaf jailed for £1m Fraud...

Paul Neal's wife Ethel was also found guilty of a role in the scamThree profoundly deaf fraudsters who fleeced taxpayers out of nearly £1million have been jailed for a total of more than 12 years. Paul Neal, 38, Stephen Dering, 39, and Russell Parke, 53, used sham companies and a registered ­charity to rake in cash from the Department for Work and Pensions.

Paul Neal’s wife Ethel was also found guilty of a role in the scam.  DWP Department for Work and Pensions government entrance sign building in Whitehall London. The fraudsters scammed the government out of nearly £1million.

Prosecutor David Aaronberg told how the group used false invoices to claim for support which had not been given. This saw them gain benefits from the Government’s Access to Work scheme — set up to support disabled people.

The defendants were assisted by sign language interpreters at Southwark crown court. Neal and wife Ethel, 37, who is also deaf, bought a holiday home in Ireland with the profits.  Neal, of Croydon, South London, was jailed for six years for ­conspiracy to commit fraud, fraud and fraudulent trading.  Dering, also of Croydon, got three years and Parke, of Westerham, Kent, 40 months.

Neal’s wife was also found guilty of a role in the scam. She got two years — suspended for 24 months so she could care for their kids.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

What its like to be deaf ?

Sean, aged 28, who is from Warley, makes it clear that using a capital D when writing ‘deaf’ is important to him – we ask why. “I would class myself as being Deaf rather than deaf. 

[so what is wrong or negative with being 'deaf' ?]

It shows I am proud to be Deaf, that I have a Deaf identity and that I am also culturally Deaf. I use British Sign Language (BSL) to communicate and not English. I don’t see myself as disabled – I am very proud to be Deaf. To me, being Deaf is a way of life and one that I am happy with.

[It's actual not a choice is it ? No-one chooses to be deaf..]

“Society often labels me as disabled but I don’t agree. Just because my ears don’t work doesn’t mean that I have a disability!”

[so he doesn't need translators or anything..?]


There are real concerns deaf are being challenged by employers and welfare offices, because of statements like this, that do not clarify which deaf they are talking about, and making blanket statements that cause issues for HoH too...

Deaf people lack considerations and empathy because of the hype we can do 'everything except hear' and are not even disabled by own declaration as we read above. 

Factually Deaf people of all kinds need a lot of help and support, and regardless how you see it yourself as an 'empowerment', the image of that suggests a disablement and, a constant need for that help and support is entirely visible. 

Those who lose hearing after education ARE disabled, hearing loss disables them, disability is defined via LOSING a sense they once had.  Deaf ARE registered as disabled people, and e.g. deaf cultural arts thrives VIA the disability label, they would get no funding otherwise. 

As it stands near all claim disability welfare allowances, disability concessions on transport and all manner of other areas...... so they don't let a minor issue like pride or principle interfere with their claims for disability financial support.  Let us be realistic, pride is fine but it don't pay the rent..

Without rambling into social and medical modelling, the fact is mainstream don't know or care about that, only what they see and read from us, and what we state as a need. The fact we have a fringe element who are a 'success' and don't need help or anybody, frankly, I would look into that fact of life for this individual. 

That is not to say later on he WILL need support.  No wonder then when a deaf person has a problem, they are being criticised afterwards for  not being able to deal with it. Deaf culture, having sold the hype for their minority, have 'handicapped' a hearing loss majority.

How USA deaf misrepresented A G Bell..

As an UK bystander, I have read this letter numerous times and CANNOT find any 'proof' this linked the Deaf community with Orlando.  You cannot even 'read between the lines' to find a statement whereby this agent/representative of A G Bell said anything of the kind.  It is a comment on hatred and its causes, and effects. First haters object to choices if they are against those, then they paranoid about it, and attack, is a pretty accurate statement of fact.

That he represents an 'Oral' organisation, does NOT suggest he aimed this letter at the ASL community, they have taken it that way because they 'hate' oralism and A G Bell ?

Hate is bad however it is 'justified', be aware this is how it starts.. Isn't the US all about free speech and choice ?

Dear Alexander Graham Bell Community,

In light of the tragedy in Orlando this past weekend, I've been reflecting on the tremendous damage that hate and intolerance bring to our lives. Whether it's based in our upbringing, our culture or our spiritual understanding, a lack of respect for one another destroys families, organizations and even civilizations. We have an obligation not only to ourselves, but to the generations that follow, to reverse this ruinous trend.

The devastating shooting in Orlando is only the most recent of events based in hatred. How sad that so many innocents have been killed in acts of intolerance.   

Although this is a time in American life where we see the generations blending across ethnic and racial backgrounds, where the rule of law has broken down barriers of gender and orientation, still there are outbursts of violence and hatred beyond those we have seen in the past. Worse yet is the lack of tolerance for the choices others make in their own lives. I really don't understand it. We know more now than we ever have about each other - what trials and challenges various peoples have endured and often overcome throughout history and into present times - yet the lack of acceptance of the differences that make each of us who we are seems unprecedented.

There is a trend now, particularly in social media, for people to state the ugliest and most hateful things about those who have a different opinion from them. It's not just in political dialogue; it shows up in postings as simple as feedback about a product or an expression of thanks for a blessing or a statement about education. One person makes a comment, and detractors pile heaps of derision upon them. This is tantamount to verbal bullying. And because of the anonymity some forums afford us, there seems to be no limit to the detestable nature of their comments. A simple difference of opinion seems to give license to personal attacks, some of a highly graphic nature. Is this the open-minded, accepting, tolerant society we claim to have become?

What truly concerns me is how this limits our progress. We've known for many years that while one person can get a movement started, others must join in to bring it to a tipping point where it actually makes a difference in people's lives. Think of the impact that schools like KIPP have made in recent years or the effects of increasing diversity among leaders of corporations and organizations. These were not overnight successes; many took long years to change the prevailing opinion, but change they did, and for the improvement of us all.

Let's change the way we listen and speak to each other - after all, listening and speaking is what AG Bell is all about. Let's hear what people are trying to express about their experiences without dashing their hopes for the future. As we listen to others, we hope that we also will be heard - without hate, without derision, without intolerance.

Let's speak with intelligence, with compassion, and with an open mind. Each of us carries the hurts of the past with us; but by sharing our knowledge and working together, we can achieve new advances that ensure that each generation will face fewer hurts than the one before. We cannot do that through hate, but only with the knowledge that our world is constantly changing and so must we.

In the darkest of times, we must find hope for the future. 

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Audio exam discriminates against deaf ?

The Department of Education says a variety of methods are used to assist hard of hearing students with the listening component of the English 3201 exam.The listening component of a high school exam is raising concerns from the province's Hard of Hearing Association.

MUN prof refuses to wear device for hearing disabled student, cites religious reasons. Leon Mills, executive director of the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association-Newfoundland and Labrador, said the English 3201 exam contains a listening element.

"Not everybody is going to hear what's being said," Mills told CBC News during a recent interview.  "To us, it just doesn't make sense."

Mills said he's heard from people who are concerned about the exam, and the possibility that some students would be negatively affected by it. 

Communication: The process explained

Sign to text

Albeit it ignores the facial aspect which tells when the hands lie !

30,000 march for deaf/disabled rights

More than 30,000 disabled people will stage an indefinite protest, 'Divyaang kranti aandolan', at the Parade Ground here on Sunday against the state government for ignoring their demands for over four years in a row. 

Representatives of disabled associations said they have made submissions to various ministers with as many as 19 demands but none of them has been approved by the state. Members of as many as 30 different disabled associations from across the state will join the protest.

On Saturday, the heads of these associations conducted a joint media conference at Press Club, sharing the difficulties they were facing. They said if state government announces a deadline to to meet their demands, then they might consider calling off the strike. If not, they would stay put at the Parade Ground. 

They said they are neither being heard by the social welfare department nor health department and claimed ministers keep on giving them false assurance.

Friday, 17 June 2016

In pursuit of Silence...

Retune your ears.....

Retune_Your_Ears from Abigail Yeap on Vimeo.

What a very noisy world we appear to live in !

Asia Bill: All TV stations to provide captioning.

President Benigno S. Aquino III ( MB File photo by Richard V. Viñas)A proposal requiring all franchise holders or operators of television stations and producers of television programs to broadcast or present their programs with closed captions for the benefit of persons with hearing disabilities is now awaiting the approval and signature of President Aquino to become a new law.

The Senate approved on third and final reading the proposal embodied in Senate Bill 2239 on May 23, 2016. Meanwhile, the House passed on final reading House Bill 925 as early as May 24, 2014, and decided to adopt SB 2239 as an amendment to HB 925 last May 23, 2014.

Senator Ramon “Bong” Revilla, Jr., one of the authors of the bill, cited there are about 4.5 million deaf Filipinos, most of whom have no access to programs that can help them realize their full potentials.

“One of the major accessibility concerns of deaf or hard of hearing people is that their lack of access to public information hampers their active participation on matters of public concern. The passage of this bill will address the constitutional mandate for the State to recognize the basic right of the people to information on matters of public concern” said Revilla.

The bill requires all franchise holders or operators of television stations and producers of television programs to broadcast their programs with closed captions option, including but not limited to newscast or news programs and pre-scripted programs, to benefit persons with hearing disabilities.

Deaf: We want Deaf warning signs...

A letter sent to USA police demanding warnings signs deaf people are in the area.. (I know they scare the shit out of me too !)

"I am legally deaf, with a severe hearing loss. Almost a year-and-a-half ago, I presented my local police department with a request for special traffic control warning signs that would read, "deaf person area," and a department training program to instruct officers on the special needs of deaf or hearing-impaired drivers. 

I had also requested that the department design and make available a window decal for all vehicles driven by deaf or hearing-impaired drivers, to alert police officers of the driver's condition.

Without these things in place, and without much interaction from police, I feel like I, as a deaf person, am being marginalised."

Specialist Deaf Unit to close.

Six-year-old Rhys Gilbert would have to travel 46 miles to a Newbury school
Children with hearing impairments could be left with nowhere suitable to go to school, as Wokingham's only option looks set to close. 

Emmbrook Infant and Junior School has been the only school in the borough providing specialist care for children with hearing difficulties for 14 years but its unit is facing closure in just three months.

The closure was meant to be put off until current students had finished but one specialist teacher's retirement and the other leaving the school could see it closed as early as next September.  Rhys Gilbert, six, has been at the infant school for two years and is a member of the school council but may now have to take on a 46-mile round trip to Newbury to go to school each day.

His mother, Faye, said Rhys is profoundly deaf and had to undergo invasive surgery to have cochlear implants.  "Now he can hear he has learnt to speak, something I only dreamed of," she said. "Hearing him say 'Mummy' was the proudest moment of my life.

"Rhys has taught us so much and loves going to his school and has made true friends and is an established part of his community.  "I wholeheartedly disagree with their proposals for a number of reasons.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Deaf & HI: We want a divorce !

Why the Deaf & HoH 'arranged marriage' is falling part.

Still concerns being raised cultural promotion and 'Deaf' awareness by default,  is distorting the needs of non signers and Hard of Hearing, causing hardship and misunderstandings in regards to welfare support...including suggestions it's time we went separate ways to recover need awareness.

Whereby a sign using deaf person can get almost automatic qualification for welfare allowances while Hard of Hearing are accused of faking it, or not in need at all.  It all seems in retrospect to challenge 'Deaf' perceptions they can do everything except hear, clearly the official view is they cannot without help, or they wouldn't automatically assume signing means they need help.  

The system is unswayed by the claim it isn't 'help' but 'empowerment', ironically image and visuals is all, and the hearing DON'T see it the same as they do.  Of course deaf aren't disabled is a lost cause too, system perceptions say otherwise.

The 'Deaf' areas are more concerned with promoting the cultural image rather than the access/equality aspect.  It's caused chaos and wholesale misrepresentation of hearing loss needs for others.  I don't know what the answer currently is, other than a complete divorce by non-signers from the cultural campaigns, to include stand alone charities as well.  

Here is the conundrum the signers actively have these, HI, don't, because stand alone areas that don't include signers risk legal challenge, it's an access versus equality mess that needs sorting out, there ARE two very distinct loss areas, it should be recognised and allowed to operate that way..  The AOHL as the UK's largest charity, could sort his, by dropping the Deaf/HI remit, they may just as well because they aren't seen as a BSL lobby anyway and their membership is overwhelmingly HoH.  

Inclusiveness isn't working its being abused by default, and, by choice... but there are campaigning areas trying to play it both ways this risks discriminating against others as they vie for pole position.. You have only to look online to see ASL/BSL promotion dominating HoH areas who don't sign.  Hence the request to youtube to drop the duality, and address (!) tab/tag abusage that don't identify which area they are aiming at...

iSay: Bringing oralism to the deaf...

Isay from 최형진 on Vimeo.

Apple iSay is an app service for the deaf to train Oralism by reading correct lip shape

Positive Discrimination not working ?

Theresa Vaughn-Casey works to clean a table John Parker, Jack Reed and Melanie Devine communicate through sign language on Tuesday in Alliance Data's cafeteria. (Jake Parrish, CDA Press)
Should we be grateful for this image ?  or challenge the perception that regardless of how qualified or educated we are, working in deaf charities or being self employed, or stacking supermarket shelves and cleaning, is the best most can hope for, because employers won't see our potential ?  

A job is a job is a job ?

A storm of orange work shirts rolls through the hallway at Alliance Data, dotted with bright blue gloves amid wheeling gray trash cans and fresh cleaning supplies. 

This janitorial storm is led by John Parker, the night shift supervisor for IGI Advanced Cleaning Services. Parker leads his team to the cafeteria, where he signals for the commencement of a sanitation siege that will leave every surface sparkling. Anyone walking by would have no idea that four of the five members of Parker's crew are deaf or hearing impaired, including their fearless leader himself.

UN elects deaf woman for 1st time..

A deaf sign language user has been elected to a key United Nations committee for the first time, but activists say they are troubled that new elections left the committee with only a single female member.

Activists on Wednesday praised the election of Valery Rukhledev, a deaf sign language user from Russia, to the Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, but they said the new elections leave only one woman among 18 members of the committee, down from six previously.

Advocates also praised the election of Robert Martin, a person with intellectual disabilities from New Zealand.  Priscille Gieser, chairwoman of the International Disability and Development Consortium, said women with disabilities need to be better represented because they face double discrimination.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

CODA Pride...

9yr old deaf boy wins speaking competition.

A NINE-YEAR-OLD boy with hearing loss won a speaking competition after he addressed members of the Houses of Parliament about what deaf children can achieve.

Charlie Denton, from Stonehouse, who was diagnosed with hearing loss as a baby and given cochlear implants at the age of three, came home with a beautiful glass trophy, a £20 Amazon voucher and a very big smile.  He was one of nine children aged between five and 16 from across the UK who were chosen to speak at an event called The Power of Speech hosted by Stroud MP Neil Carmichael, who is deaf in his left ear.

Speaking after the event Charlie’s mum Emma said: “I could feel Charlie tensing up next to me as he waited to deliver his speech.  “Afterwards, he told me that he could feel his hand and legs shaking but he felt proud that his voice stayed strong.  “As he took to the microphone, an ITV west crew arrived to film his speech but Charlie seemed to take it all in his stride.”

During the competition each of the young people took to the stage for three minutes to present short speeches challenging the common perceptions around what deaf children can achieve on topics of their choice.  Charlie, who had chosen to talk about his love for tennis, was named the winner of his age category 9 -11.

WDA: 8 Deaf athletes dumped out..

Samuel Kibai wins the men 5000m during the World Deaf Championships Trials in Nairobi. PHOTO/...
The Deaf Athletics Association of Kenya (DAAK) on Tuesday dropped eight athletes from the squad travelling to the World Deaf Athletics Championship in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria after a merry go round with the Ministry of Sports, Culture and Arts.

The decision to reduce the travelling contingent from 31 to 23 was reached after the Ministry ordered the association to cut the number and the team’s training camp period to fit into a constricted budget.  DAAK subsequently presented a shorter list with major casualties being athletes participating in disciplines least likely to produce medals with some association’s officials ceding their places to accommodate competitors.

“The association kindly asks the Government to be more vigilant when dealing with such matters in the future because it is very unfortunate that we were forced to leave behind a few athletes who deserved to be there,” said Bernard Banja DAAK, Secretary General.  “We, the DAAK officials, will not be travelling to Bulgaria for the championships as we had to sacrifice our places so that some of the athletes could get the chance to compete at the showpiece.”

In January 2016, the association submitted a proposal and budget to the Ministry which included the training camp, national selection and World Championships expenses that was approved.  Trials for Bulgaria were held in Nairobi on June 2 and 3 where the initial squad and travelling officials were named before the list was forwarded to the Ministry.

With no funding forthcoming, the officials went to the Ministry last Friday where they were directed to the Principal Secretary’s office where they were informed money allocated was not enough and then referred to the Chief Financial Officer John Olinga.

Olinga met them on Monday and informed them that no money had been allocated to cater for the athletes needs during the training camp and the actual championship.

Staff swore and stripped at Deaf school...

Royal School for Deaf ChildrenAbuse at a specialist school for the deaf was so severe that urgent reform of care is needed for the "extremely vulnerable", an MP's report has said.

The Royal School for Deaf Children and its post-16 unit Westgate College in Margate, Kent, closed last December. Mobile-phone footage later showed carers drinking, stripping and swearing in front of vulnerable residents.

Claims in the report by local MP Craig Mackinlay include staff taking "Motability cars on booze cruises". The report was compiled by the South Thanet Conservative MP after he convened an emergency summit where experts discussed incidents at the school, run by the John Townsend Trust.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) ordered the trust to shut down residential accommodation attached to the college on 19 November last year

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Call if you can,Text if you can't...

France:1st deaf driving school.

The first driving school for the deaf
ARIS is the first French driving school specializing in driving courses for deaf people. Who said that people with hearing problems cannot get behind the wheel? 

Now, thanks to a special learning program of the highway code entirely in sign language, these future motorists will be able to move in complete autonomy and safety on all roads. This is thanks to a preparatory course that, among other services, offers video subtitles, and face to face interpreters, who illustrate prohibitions and maneuvers in the classroom. 

At the moment this is only a Parisian initiative but in the future the Norauto Foundation would like to offer this service to the Hexagone driving schools.

Monday, 13 June 2016

CI Haters lose the plot (again)...

How NOT to promote cultural campaigns against CI's.   77 versus 2,000,000 ? NO CONTEST.  These people make inclusion and acceptance,  a dirty word.  Time to get rid of Anti-CI deaf ? Another rubbish article trying to make a mountain out of the proverbial, we DON'T support anti-CI views...

When Ahavah Cook's son Elijah was an infant, he was diagnosed as profoundly deaf. Cook made the decision for Elijah to have cochlear implant surgery, in which an electronic medical device would replace the function of his damaged inner ear. When his implants were activated in the doctor's office, a camera crew was there to capture Elijah's reaction.

In the video, Elijah—just 6 months old and all cheeks and fuzzy hair—stares at his mom in awe, before smiling and cooing. It is the first time he would hear.

Since the video was posted in 2015, it has received over 2 million views. And it's not the first, or last of its kind. It's part of a popular genre of YouTube videos of babies hearing for the first time. If you like cute, smiling babies, the videos can be addicting. The reactions span the emotional range from reserved smiles to joyful sobs—each one a small moment of connection between parent and child.

Comments on these videos are mostly positive. People ooh and ahh over the child's responses to their mother's voice. But every video has some detractors. The video of Elijah has 77 down votes.

It would be easy to attribute the down votes to the immutable laws of the internet, which state "For everything, there is a hater."  But there is more behind those down votes than just random negativity: It's a fight for a culture and a people who feel under attack.

Ruthie Jordan is a Deaf activist and member of Audism Free America, a grassroots organization which advocates for "Deaf American rights, cultural resurgence, and seeks primarily to challenge the ideological foundations of audism in America."

Jordan defines audism, a term first coined in 1977 by Dr. Tom Humphries, as the belief that a person is superior because of their ability to hear—and that a life without hearing is somehow less. She told the Daily Dot that the Deaf community's response to these videos of children hearing for the first time is deeply divided. 

"Some Deaf people are being colonized by [the] medical [industry]'s perspectives" she said, "and other Deaf people who value our Deaf culture" disagree with these videos. They glorify audism and "violate Deaf babies' human rights and their parents' rights," she explained.