Friday, 27 January 2017


(The Video is uncaptioned).  Who is primarily using this registration process for 999 Text assistance given BSL deaf refused to register because they claimed hearing did not have to ?  This service would appear predominantly to be a HoH provision, given only 15,000 BSL users are in extance (Last UK census), and there is no record required to determine what degree of loss you have, or, what communication means you use.

HoH were the sole sector who adopted the 'card' approaches to raise awareness,  another area BSL deaf refused to support.  It is not strictly accurate to declare (as some UK deaf bloggers have), it is a successful 'Deaf' line. No proof has been provided to support it.  2 weeks ago the dedicated BSL line to the State welfare arm the DWP/ATOS, stated they only got 741 calls in 15 months from deaf people, and 52% was from southern England only.

Sadly accurate statistics still do not exist re Deaf and hoH needs being met. It is still all 'think of a number'.  Not so much 'fake' news, but a gilding of the lily perhaps ?  

ATR recalls the Social Services in the UK declaring 'Only 2% of statistics should be recognized as identifying those in real need..'  DISCUSS.

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