Friday, 27 January 2017

Deaf get Trumped by Marlee...

Something we all decided to ignore in the run up to Trump being Prez...

With just a couple of weeks to go before the election, everybody and their grandma came out of the woodwork to accuse Donald Trump of horrific things. The report was that Donald Trump called deaf actress Marlee Matlin “retarded” to her face when she appeared on his Celebrity Apprentice show. 

She later issued a statement condemning Trump, but also admitting that this never happened.

The liberal website 'The Daily Beast' put out a story based on bullshit and conjecture accusing Trump of calling Matlin “retarded.”  Just in case you thought Donald Trump was insufficiently awful: He repeatedly called a deaf actress “retarded,” three sources told The Daily Beast.

Trump, who was accused of making sexual comments to Marlee Matlin, an Oscar-winning actress who once competed on Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice, also apparently had a habit of insulting, mimicking, and demeaning as mentally handicapped his star female contestant—all because she was deaf.

Matlin came in second on that season of Celebrity Apprentice and even the daily Beast acknowledges Matlin, “earned her fair share of compliments from Trump.”

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