Thursday, 5 January 2017

Poor Bilingual skills hinder deaf employment ?

Good-News bad-news. 

Deaf students and school leavers struggling to gain adequate qualifications will now be given better access to apprenticeships thanks to changes announced by the Department for Education on Thursday.

For the first time since the scheme was introduced, deaf apprentices enrolled on vocational courses  will no longer be required to pass the English functional school test which, until now, had been a compulsory requirement for all participants. 

Instead,  Deaf students who fail (or are unable to undertake the tests), will be able to complete the schemes by obtaining an alternative British Sign Language qualification.

ATR Comment:

It is important the signing community realises the importance of being truly bi-lingual.  As we read here they have difficulty enrolling and succeeding in skill acquirement because they cannot follow the coursework.  This is down to 'Deaf education' shortcomings in that they don't teach deaf to cope in a HEARING world where their work futures lie.  

Another VERY important issue some missed is FURTHER BSL TRAINING is required for students who are Deaf, so they can follow the more advanced areas of the apprenticeships they undertake.  A lot do not realise many deaf are are poor signers by and large, and not at the appropriate signing level skills to benefit from job courses, or indeed, University and FE placings.

It is one thing to communicate socially with friends, quite another to take up advanced academic courses, or even as we read here enter into apprenticeships. Deaf needing BSL qualifications seems (but isn't), a misnomer in terms.

ATR agrees with others that once deaf have overcome the literacy issue and qualified, the jobs are not then open to them because employers do not want the 'hassle' of 'disability support' and the onus being on them to provide it.  

It's far simpler for the employer to just make any excuse that comes to mind to turn down a deaf person's CV application.  As we also read, NOT declaring your issue or need, invalidated your application too, if you DO declare your need and requirement, you get flagged up and rejected, sod's law.

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