Wednesday, 4 January 2017

SCOPE, Supply & Demand.

An advert by the Charity Scope, suggesting benefit and welfare advice is available, ATR does not believe it.  Why ?

This is because the BDA/NADP and AOHL offer no support to deaf or HoH people. Most in S Wales e.g. used the RNIB after the BDA said sorry we cannot help deaf people.  They are all about culture and sign, not basic support ?

It's a waste of time asking other charities because they don't have the money to pay for BSL interpreters, the CAB doesn't either. Where in either of these adverts are lip-speakers, loop and other provisions or indeed sign language help being offered ? 

With the statistics suggesting there is only 1 interpreter per 160 deaf people, they cannot support BSL deaf on the street now, let alone the huge demand for interpreters from e.g. the DWP who have canceled 1600 interviews (Some, on 3 occasions), with deaf signing applicants because their BSL terps never turned up. 

Demand has so far outstripped supply there is no available support to offer.

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