Thursday, 23 February 2017

11 Million Illegals abuse USA hospitality ?

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Much is made of 'immigrant' rights, unsurprising from a country that is based on immigration and who decimated its native residents in the process. 

The UK introducing slavery to the USA didn't help much either.  In all the rhetoric we read clear ignorance is displayed about what an immigrant is, there are legal ones and illegal ones, work migrants, and, there are refugees. 

Too much deliberate confusion is created by medias who do not clarify those differences, because blurs mean column inches.

According to some USA statistics 11 MILLION 'immigrants' are actually illegal ones.    Is Mr Trump not correct in saying they have to leave ?  How many amnesty's do you give before you cannot cope any  more ?  Offer another amnesty ?

There is no perspective given with rights areas, left political areas always blur the issues to promote wholesale abuses of the equality laws.   All is based on idealism. An 'anything goes' approach in the name of human rights.  UK Human Rights lawyers were examined and found to be abusing the human rights laws to allow terrorists in and to make money from the British taxpayer in the process, even chased down our armed service personnel to get money to pay to terrorists families. They were called 'Tank Chasers'.  One screwed the UK for over a £1m and was struck off.  Our vets sleep on the streets, the illegals take their homes is how one area put it.

Human rights is becoming tainted by association, and genuine areas suffering persecution are being ignored.  Taken to its ultimate understanding, everything done is a human right, regardless who gets hurt.   Choice becomes something else, a discrimination against another who doesn't share yours and doesn't have to.  Hate breeds.

Britain has near 1 million illegals and already cannot cope.  Why can't we stop all these people coming ? and start addressing those who should not be here anyway ?  For every illegal that enters a country, 1 less refugee can seek sanctuary, so those who most deserve our help are pushed out in favour of people who are simply work migrants or there illegally, often perpared to work for less than those mongolot to the host country.  Unscrupulous employers claiming migrants provide skills, ignore the fact our own are not considered.  They ignore too the lack of any desire by the state to put an end to the inequality, by ensuring our own young people and disabled get those skills.  Employers are not interested in equality only profit, why use home grown talent, or even train them, when they can buy in and sack a migrant at will ?

It was no surprise to read IT companies like Google and others funded opposition as they buy in their expertise. Slavery has now become legal again.  That extends to 63% of all disabled and deaf who will never get a job of any kind, again because they can import/export someone with neither issue. The state responds by preventing deaf migrants coming too.  In the UK the argument ignores, that unlike the USA, we are a small ISLAND, and there IS a limit to how many people we can logically support. The infrastructure isn't there, wholesale areas are existing where no-one speaks English, a recipe for hate groups to exist.   

Multiculturalism means sectarianism is allowed free reign.  According to USA statistics, they have reached their limit already. Equality is a dirty word, discrimination a matter of personal choice/view, not actual suffering, or it depends who makes the most noise about it..  Freedom of worship actively opposed in the name of atheism, and gender preference.  As human rights applies to us all, then 6B people will have issues with each other, and there is no law that can ever be enacted to satisfy everyone..  Some will always be more equal than others. It's a fact of life, and indeed, the corner stone of the American dream, now an American and British nightmare.  The wheel of equality has perhaps, turned too far to be safe, or to enhance equality...

The meek will not inherit the earth, the best they can hope for, is if the strong show them that compassion.