Wednesday, 8 February 2017

BDA: Buxton to go.

What they said: "As Chair of the British Deaf Association (BDA), I would like to inform you that David Buxton has requested to leave the BDA in Mid-March 2017. This is so that he can pursue his life-long ambitions in mainstream politics. Everyone in the BDA, and especially myself, would like to wish him the best of luck in pursuing his new career."  

The BDA Board of Trustees recognises David’s valued input in the campaigning and empowerment of the Deaf Community here in the UK, and the deaf community are the better for it.

ATR Comment:

Probably more to do with the failure of the British Deaf Association to improve its membership, it's inclusion policies, or to update its support areas for deaf people.  Buxton's move to politics no doubt fuelled by the profile BSL Bills/Acts going on at present.

The issues are the BDA's abandonment of deaf people's support to deal with daily assaults on e.g. their disability and welfare issues, (which revealed almost no trained staff at all to support deaf people in some areas, Wales in particular), was the nail in the coffin. Welsh deaf had to approach the charity of the blind to help, or to traverse to England and pay professional welfare advice areas there, while the BDA faffed about in political areas and BSL 'Bills', full in the knowledge, THAT cannot be staffed or financed either.  There is complete ignorance in the BDA campaigns of realities.

They still are unable to address poor support practices by BSL Interpreters, or, have any input to it.  Neither are they able to prevent systems using anyone with a smattering of sign as support.   Sign has been taken over by hearing people and turned into a business where deaf have no input.   BSL interpreters completely free to do as they wish, and no monitoring body to oversee or, enforce standards, either on the street, or in tuition of sign language.

Relay systems being pushed to replace face to face help etc.   The BDA's sole concentration is in pursuit of culture to the neglect of support day to day needs of deaf people, hasn't been a good image either. The BDA has been entirely ineffectual in advancing deaf support, changing CEO's is just re-arranging the chairs on the Titanic let's face it.  The BDA's heyday was 30 years ago, pretty much obsolete now.

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