Friday, 17 February 2017

Comedian's Sign not funny ?

Ross Browne was exposed by guards at the Cork event on Brexit (Picture: Ross Browne/Twitter) You may remember the fake Nelson Mandela interpreter who appeared at a memorial service to the late South African leader. Well, it’s not as high profile, but we’ve found another fake sign language interpreter, but this time his motives are a bit more political.

Comedian Ross Browne stood up to sign what Irish poiltician Enda Kenny was saying.  The problem is that he can’t do sign language much beyond the signs we all know for wanker, up yours, and fuck off.  He did, however, manage to make signs for what we can only assume means bullshit, and liar.

As he leaves Browne shouts ‘I’m not paying for my water anyway’ in reference to Ireland’s long-running drama over the Irish Water utility and Kenny’s plan to fund it.

But the response to Browne’s prank has been divided. While some found it hilarious, deaf organisations were concerned.  The Irish Deaf Society said: ‘You are fortunate that your parody has secured significant attention online -.we have struggled to gain access to the mainstream media to secure coverage about the disenfranchisement that arises from the lack of recognition of Irish Sign Language on a daily basis, but our requests tend to fall on “Deaf ears”.