Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Education: Together HoH and Deaf.

The issue is Deaf awareness isn't 'deaf' awareness, so mainstream gets confused on how best to approach communication.  This can only be done on an individual basis, because what suits you may not suit another person with deafness or hearing loss.  

Some sort of 'bridge' approach to awareness seems ideal, but the D/d areas are as far apart as others, so I have a lot of sympathy with mainstream stuck in the middle and trying to respond to 1,000s of deaf/HoH people who all have a different need approach.  While you have oral/sign/lipreading preferences, awareness can only work if you combine the best of all of them, and there is no desire for a common approach to communication tuition.

Any normalizing of communication support would be opposed, I can well understand the poster's frustrations, but she needs to avoid 'the blame game'.  The answer lies not with mainstream but with us, and with a unified approach...

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