Sunday, 26 February 2017

I'd prefer my kids deaf...

Interpreter Amanda Coogan (L) and Sarah-Jane Moloney O'Regan. Image: RTE/The Late Late Show
An Interpreter makes a political statement in the name of culture, and creates two children deaf for life when they need not be.  

Let us hope these children do not grow up to resent the fact they were disabled for life when there was a choice.

Maybe take care the parents won't get sued for that choice under child abuse law.  Will they be footing the bill for their children's care for life ? Thought not !   

An Irish mother has opened up about choosing to keep the deaf gene she carried while trying to become pregnant through IVF.  Speaking on The Late Late Show, sign language presenter Sarah-Jane Moloney O'Regan told how she and her husband Conan struggled to conceive after they got married and as a result chose to try IVF.

During the interview, which was conducted through sign language with Amanda Cooagan interpreting, Sarah-Jane explained that the couple tried IVF three times before she became pregnant with twins Conor and Louisa on the fourth try.

Sarah-Jane added that the couple was offered a "genetic route to get rid of the deaf gene," but they chose to deny the option and allow nature take its course.

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