Friday, 17 February 2017

InDemand Interpreting solutions...

InDemand Interpreting, a technology-enabled language services performance improvement company and a leading video remote interpreting (“VRI”) provider within Healthcare, is pleased to introduce InDemand Clarity Connect.      InDemand Clarity Connect enables healthcare organizations and telehealth application providers to seamlessly add live, medically qualified interpreters into telehealth sessions on demand. InDemand is the first VRI provider to integrate its VRI service with the industry leading VidyoR videoconferencing platform, making it possible for telehealth programs to better serve the needs of limited English proficient (“LEP”) and Deaf patients.
In addition to delivering immediate access to a medically qualified interpreter, InDemand Clarity Connect enables better communication between patients and clinicians using high definition, crystal clear video and sound. Healthcare organizations as well as providers of custom applications that utilize the Vidyo videoconferencing platform can now implement telehealth initiatives with the InDemand Clarity Connect Widget or the Application Programing Interface (“API”). InDemand Clarity Connect also offers real-time analytics that provide data essential to effectively track and manage language access requirements.

“InDemand believes the Healthcare industry needs a no cost, “industry-neutral” solution to integrate VRI with telehealth encounters,” said InDemand Interpreting’s Chairman and CEO Cecil Kost. “The Company’s novel interoperability approach adds considerable value to any telehealth platform powered by the Vidyo videoconferencing backbone. This development is yet another way that InDemand is becoming the de facto industry standard for VRI.”