Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Just look in the Mirror for a cure...

A cure for deafness could be on the horizon after a new gene therapy technique restored "near normal" hearing in mice.

Scientists carried healthy DNA into the ears of profoundly deaf rodents using a harmless virus.  This enabled them to pick up noise as quiet as 25 decibels - the equivalent of a whisper.

They were suffering a condition similar to hereditary human deafness - raising hopes the technique could be used on patients.  Dr Jeffrey Holt, of Harvard medical School in Boston, said: "This is a landmark study.

Tale of the Daily Mirror tape:

1995 Deafness cured in mice
1996  Deafness cure available in 5 years.
2000 Deafness cure for gerbils.
2001  Deaf Cure available in 10 years
 2005  Hearing restored in mice
2009 Cochlear hairs restored in mice
2011 10 years more study needed before 'cures' can be attempted on people. 
2017 Landmark study restores 'near normal' hearing in mice...

Next Year "Donald Trump awarded Peace Prize by Arab leaders in the middle east..'

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