Tuesday, 14 February 2017

No 'Scope' for the D's...

Image result for cul de sac signThe never ending question being raised by those with hearing loss... (At least 47 times on one hearing loss social media forum alone..).

"This will sound stupid to most of you but can someone please explain the d/Deaf thing to me ??   I grew up learning that anyone with a reasonable hearing loss that required hearing aids was deaf ... now i am learning this is not the case .. so can someone explain it to me ...

Thank you. x"

The ATR response:

"I'd say the D stands for divisions more than anything, I totally oppose differentiating between people with hearing loss,  lifestyle or background, how on earth do they expect equality or multiculturalism to be a realistic option otherwise ?   You just end up with one person being more, or less equal than another.  There is no equality without inclusion, and acceptances of others.  Alternative or parallel communities don't fit that criteria.

 Do we not have enough issues with the mainstream without having to argue the toss over who is who ? and who uses what ?  No 2 people are the same, not even two signers.  'Celebrating diversity/difference' must be the biggest and cruelest con and abuse of that concept.  An excuse and justification, to ignore others in the same boat as you are.  Using one culture as an excuse to exclude another is little more than  legalised discrimination in the name of human rights.

The main reason so we are told for the large 'D', is to gain recognition for the sign user, but they don't include HI in their campaigns, they still have to fight own corner, and no unity of approach, is down to that D.   We see many online premier and cultural 'Deaf' areas actively violating access to videos etc as a 'right'.  Of course YOU, cannot exclude them.

Charities are urged to call these groups out on what they are doing, if the cultural area wants to be a go it alone, then let charities cut them loose so they don't inhibit other support areas, or hijack HoH campaigns.  Currently the 'Deaf and HI' remit allows the cultural areas to play both ends to the middle, they even use HI majority statistics to push their minority status.  It's not so much irresponsible, as cynical and opportunist, and others with hearing loss, are hampered by the ability displayed to bend the equality gig to advantage.  

They support them at the expense of their own exclusion in most part.  Should HoH include them ? Next up someone will claim that suggestion is discrimination against a deaf person, (they will mean 'Deaf' but use the alternate term of 'deaf' to attract bias to their own area. Most deaf do NOT use sign language, still, why let facts spoil a great rights campaign ?  I think sign deaf should all go to the their own dedicated charities, and support areas, and leave HoH ones to theirs, so confusion is eliminated and it will assit support better to ID who actually requires what sort of support.

HI charities are on the ropes, but still plugging BSL because they have lost the royal kudos and the promotion of loss awareness to the signing deaf.  Go online to see who has won the awareness campaigns,  I never want to read again 'D'eaf do this, and '(d)eaf' do that. If we don't speak for ourselves no-one else is going to.   if you choose the apathetic road to nowhere and adopt cest le Vie, it is your access and equality that will be lost.