Sunday, 26 February 2017

Politics of Envy (II)

Image result for insightProbably one of the most insightful topics covered on this site, and all without BSL or Lip-reading being bashed.  

Another great response to the issues of how best to support those with hearing loss, sadly, the insight is perfect, the means to address the issues as far away from being viable as ever.

"In a perfect world we would all respect and support each other, but we do not live in that world. My sign language level was suggested to be level 4 at least by an assessor of BSL levels, but I have never taken a regular class or exam. I did not take the class approach to learning it, 50% of the time was waffle about the D/d thing. Most people need to understand BSL or Lip-reading classes do NOT have deafened or seriously hard of hearing people in them. 

BSL classes are attended by HEARING people (Hence the cultural and 'hard sell' approach), Lip-reading classes I feel so much of their approach is based on the reality those attending have enough useful hearing to maximize the tuition. I saw some attending who were older people who shouted most of the time, not really knowing they did that. One class had two such people in it, after the 2nd class the tutor took them both aside and asked them to leave, the tutor said 'I cannot teach the rest while you are there..' 

It suggested to me that the LR class being virtually the ONLY way 'in' for HoH or deafened to attain some help, then worked against that, and the classes were working not on a supportive approach but on a percentage approach. I am sure the issues of those 2 people were serious, but it meant those who were most in need, definitely needed something a lot more than a 2hr class. Lip-reading is the most difficult mode to acquire.

I had doubts a 2hr class of very mixed degree of loss worked, I think the deafened and those with very serious loss, do not benefit from that approach at all. Also, the classes are shunned it seems by males on the whole."

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