Monday, 13 February 2017

The Deaf Society ?

Deaf Society Promotional video from thomas parkinson on Vimeo.

No such thing, hearing or deaf as regards to society (At least according to one British PM), even multiculturalism is a complete myth.. There are claims of a culture and a community, but society ?  Also the video seems rather short on actual access, there being no captions when there is no sign,or even with !  ATR finds such promotion misleading, because no deaf awareness videos contain any continuity via defining who is whatever, or what constitutes a deaf person or what means we use. (As if we cared for definitive terms anyway).  If they want to plug Auslan by all means but please do not then define deaf people as asign using, and then using the small 'd', this undermines access, when hearing translate that 'awareness' to the street and then find all deaf really don't sign at all, most, not welcome in 'Deaf areas or spaces' either.

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