Tuesday, 28 February 2017

The scandal of operative genocide on UK's disabled

Considerable anxiety and stress is being heaped still, on disabled and deaf people who claim welfare support in the UK, whose policies have already contributed to 6,300 premature deaths of disabled clients who had support withdrawn and welfare support stopped, under the guise they should be working instead in jobs that don't exist, and with employers who won't hire them.  

The European court of Human rights has yet to condemn this cull. Who is going to hire a bed-ridden employee virtually deaf-blind ?  or even someone with 8 weeks to live ? Apparently, the UK government says UK employers will !  The major issue at present is with the PIP roll out which is to replace an old disability allowance, basic reports say this has resulted in 68% of those with hearing loss losing all payments, and a number of disabled facing sleeping on the street.  On one charity site there were suggestions audiogram's will help assessors determine and clarify what loss is, this has been challenged...

Image result for Capita assessorsWith due respect the DWP do not take them into account. Audiograms cannot show the EFFECTS of that loss, this is relative to the person with it, it's a clinical guide that is all.  They base assessment on how you respond on the day, and to them, the subcontractor assess your capability, i.e.  Capita /ATOS (DWP subcontractors), simply relay their assessments to the DWP. The basic criteria for assessment is STILL with the DWP, the instruction to the subcontractor being 'assume they are all frauds, and get as many off benefits as you can'.  

The Capita agencies are just 'carrying out orders', and where have we heard that phrase before? The DWP take the decision, they are not really influenced by GP's reports, they refer back to their own.  They took this stance years ago to try preventing people getting sick notes for days off work.  PIP even if awarded can be reviewed/re-assessment as and when they like. I am reminded of years ago, when I was assessed as profound deaf by them, and they came back to me 6 months later and asked 'can you hear now ?' 

My GP acknowledged deaf patients with nil speech and sign-using only, had almost total reliance on their family support, or interpreting (I.E. other people), to manage health and most day to day issues.   The DWP said clients own GP's are biased.  Deaf are being pitched against quite serious other disabilities like clients limbless, the deaf-blind, bed-ridden, terminally ill, also those with serious heart conditions, and all those areas are reporting the DWP have refused them support also.  Deaf and disabled are at war with own government. If we die one less to give welfare support to.   

As I read this week the government has rejected claims Anxiety, depression, and other Mental Health conditions are valid conditions for a welfare payment, one MP a Tory claiming they are all fakes and abusing the system.  Get a grip !  SCOPE a mental health charity have gone into total meltdown over it, the deaf and HoH have no unity of approach on welfare and suffering greatly, because of lack of access to support or advice. The DWP wants to shift onus away from them to councils and the NHS. Both are collapsing as we write.  Disabled being vulnerable are sitting targets.   Many cannot fight back.

I do feel charities are to accept blame for not fighting the HoH corner.  They claim representation, but they are not being seen as doing that.  The approach seems to be let's send a letter saying 'Sorry old boy I think you should not be treating people like that !'  Then tapping them for more funding, avoiding biting the hand that feeds. Those with hearing loss have been left to it.   The more we need support, the more funds they hope to claim, it's a self-perpetuating drive to keep us all dependent on others...  it's bizarre and I am not comfortable with it.  

All are major areas concerned with hearing loss as we know, especially young deaf (40% of deaf children with MH issues), and HoH going deaf, plunged into depressions, losing work, devoid of social interactions, losing families, because they can never be sure what they can hear next, and suffer huge non-support and isolation as a result, not even with the luxury of a backup support system, and relying on partial hearing or complete guesswork.  

Most deaf failed PIP here as I reported earlier, most was down to three reasons, no signed advice, no access to BSL terps, and relying on family to fill in forms, and they cannot find relevant areas to cover hearing loss or deafness in them, questions heavily designed to show your condition isn't an issue, or,  the 'state' provides for  it, via, if you can walk, you can hear.

You receive responses like 'An equality law is there for you, 3 in fact, all you have to do is use it..' This ignores the fact even if you can use that law, the state has withdrawn the means for you to do it via a court, and even if you win, the infrastructure of hearing loss support isn't there to meet the need, the UK has no national hearing loss support system set up,  the nearest visage of that is BSL support, there is NO hearing loss set up, and NO unified approach to support, it is just 'each to his or her own', allowing a cruel anti-welfare state to divide, rule, and denigrate or disagree with you or your issue.  Culture isn't a disablement.

There's a fallacy of deaf/Deaf/Disabled HoH unity, just because we read loads of deaf and HoH stuff online this isn't reflected in any way via access, equality or support on the street.   Not so much 'fake' news but a massive propaganda and 'hard sell' campaign, in the pursuit of cultural recognition, with 'ear wax removal' VIDS for the HoH !  If we don't get a grip on this, we will all be plunged into poverty, unemployment, and sleeping on the street selling matchboxes, I suppose we should be grateful there are no chimneys they can send us up to sweep any more.