Sunday, 5 February 2017

UK Parliament Group: BSL costs make it unviable.

Image result for all party committees on deafness England ParliamentBSL Minority campaign for recognitions may fail because no parliamentarians want to take an interest, and not enough areas are seen to be involved. 

It will be down entirely to BSL grass roots to make the running alone, meanwhile, other deaf are expressing concern they (The BSL minority), should not be allowed to dictate deaf access directions alone, because they are not inclusive of others with hearing loss, it would appear MP's agree.  What the all party (England) committee said:-

(2) "The group gave its in-principle agreement to the Terms of Reference for an inquiry into the cost implications of minority language status for BSL. However, in doing so the parliamentarians made it clear that it was for the stakeholders to the group to raise the financial support required to make the project viable. The members present also expressed concern that the APPG might not have enough active members who want to dedicate time to such a substantive project; again the sector stakeholders will need to take the lead on securing this support. "

ATR response:

The All-party group in S Wales folded over a year ago, devolved administrations mean representation is a lottery. Even What England decides may well not apply anywhere else in the UK.  The AOHL turned up and supported members there for free, but attendances were poor, and outcomes an abysmal complete waste of time, where grass roots were not invited to participate, or made that desire apparent.

All we see are random BSL meets in clubs talking about a BSL Act, which no-one believes can be either funded or administered at this stage. The systems appear totally brainwashed, charities don't exactly help, with their 'Deaf people do this, and deaf people do that ..' (And HoH are hearing so don't matter...) nonsense. 

You get useless awareness from Hoh stating "Look at me speak clearly etc..' none of the awareness is either accurate or helpful. Bordering on, if not totally misleading in part.  As soon as you set suggestion who does what and how, then 9m with hearing loss say 'This isn't helping me...' 

Claims Social workers are unaware, is academic, we don't worry about SW here, there aren't any who know a thing about hearing loss. What is the point asking for support to use support ?  Since the main drive is for access, then awareness/support/acceptances is dependent on who asks for it. 

HoH don't ask for anything, so no wonder the assumption is that everyone signs.... I'm surprised they need a charity of any kind to put their side frankly.  especially as Charities are more interested in lobbying for funds and providing 'support', rather than actually doing anything remotely political like demanding Deaf or HoH rights, (Which is against the charitable law anyway)..

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