Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Access versus fairness.

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More and more details emerging of biased and discriminatory assessments for PIP by the state welfare arm the DWP and through their 'agents' Capita and ATOS.  

As more upset is being expressed by disabled and deaf alike of poor and amateurish assessments of need by obviously unqualified people, it emerged that even being given British sign language support can be detrimental to you qualifying for welfare if you are deaf.  Read on:-

"My partner was not assessed for her issue at all in real terms, she was born deaf with no speech, and the assessor was a physiotherapist (!) who did not address my partner directly at all, but through a BSL interpreter, the view was my partner had no issues of note as she had support for the interview, but none of her questioning was directed at the problem of her being deaf or difficulties of communicating. 

In retrospect should I have REFUSED to accept DWP BSL interpreter help ? and forced the assessor to do her job properly and put huge stress on my partner as a result ? these are the sort of things that really undermine any sort of accurate assessment taking place. I have no doubt whatever had we not applied for BSL communication support the assessment would have been impossible, but it would have displayed her obvious need for PIP."

Just one of many concerns being raised at the UK's determined assault on its disabled and deaf population.  The sting in the tail was the DWP insisting if you make their assessors do their job properly, then this is deliberate attempt to frustrate assessment. heads or tails, you lose.