Sunday, 26 March 2017

New report looks at difficulties disabled people face

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22 years it has been going on since the law was enacted, what HAVE they been doing in the meanwhile !

HEALTHWATCH Essex have been holding events and producing a new report on the difficulties of those with disabilities.

Last year saw the introduction of the Accessible Information Standard, making it a legal requirement to make sure those with disabilities had the support to communicate effectively with medical services.

However, the new report highlights a range of difficulties people who are deaf or hard of hearing, sight impaired or severely sight impaired or deafblind experience on a regular basis.

Key findings of the report are the impact on dignity and quality of life and the loss of autonomy and confidentiality. Many participants highlighted the fact they often needed to get a family member or carer to make appointments for them, which was inconvenient and in some cases compromised their patient confidentiality.

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