Sunday, 26 March 2017

Revoking the licence to kill...

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Complaints escalate as Ministers express concern at the appalling treatment of UK Welfare claimants, yet do nothing...  ATR expresses concern DWP/ATOS/CAPITA 'appeals' and 'tribunals' are exempt from public scrutiny,  and opinion, to ensure they comply with human rights laws....

"I think when an appeal is successful, claimants should have a right to damages for injury and mental abuse via a court, as well as the option of highlighting the professional inadequacies, and lack of qualifications of the assessors. We have reached a situation where no application for welfare should be made on a personal basis, but should go through a lawyer, because the eligibility terms and confusions of criteria by asking one question 14 different ways e.g, have now gone beyond the abilities of deaf or disabled to comprehend.  

Is there ANY logic, in sending written applications to the illiterate ? the Blind without braille, those with Autism and learning abilities ? with poor mental health etc ?  Insisting on using online responses with no determination first, to ensure if a client can use, or has access to it ?  3m UK residents have NO online access, they are usually the most poor or vulnerable who require welfare help, frozen out by default.  When we asked for this access before, the state responded by withdrawing free legal aid for us to challenge.  Enabling only the celebrity rich the ability to challenge oppression and abuses.

All appeals should take place in a court of law, it would really concentrate the minds of the public on the hate system that is the DWP and its unqualified agents. Whilst 'private' or in-house appeals take place, with no recourse as to how decisions are being made, we have no way of taking this system to task when its actions kill people. 

I thought only 007 had a licence to kill with impunity ?"

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