Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Sign Gene... The Movie.

007 on mission with sign language in four countries
Three hundred are the genes responsible for deafness. But only 29 contain the power "Sign Gene"

Soon, in movie theatres around the world, viewers will be able to see the first action film that uses sign language to fight evil. Sign Gene, is the first film of this genre to use actors who communicate in sign language, thanks to the idea launched by Ital-Argentinian film director, Emilio Insolera who is deaf himself. 

The film centers around main character, Tom Clerc, a deaf American secret agent on a mission in Osaka, where he has to solve a crime committed by deaf criminals. But, Clerc is not just another spy. He has a genetic mutation (shared also by his staff) that allows him to use his special linguistic code to destroy his enemies. 

The film was produced with scenes in Italy, Argentina, USA and Japan, with the official sign-language of each of these countries used. The film release is scheduled in all four of these countries in September 2017.