Sunday, 26 March 2017

YouTube uses AI for caption effects..

YouTube will now be enrolling its machine learning program to detect sound effects in videos and add caption such as [Applause], [Music] and [LAUGHTER] as they serve as a meaningful context for viewers who are deaf and hard of hearing.

The program was first debuted with Google’s video caption back in 2006 and was later taken up to 'another level' with automated caption on YouTube. YouTube is further enhancing the program by including captions for sound effects, after the success of the initial one.

According to a statement in a blogpost by YouTube, “the number of videos with automatic captions now exceeds a staggering 1 billion. Moreover, people watch video with automatic captions more than 15 million times per day.”  To see the sound effect captioning system in action, user will need to click on the ‘CC’ button that appears on bottom-right of YouTube’s video.

“Future challenges might include adding other common sound classes like ringing, barking and knocking, which present particular problems,” YouTube said in a blogpost.