Tuesday, 25 April 2017

And finally… sign of the times

Image result for 1,000 or 1,000,000 ?A former IBM employee who is deaf is suing his lawyer for wrongly interpreting his sign language after settling his discrimination case for $200,000 rather than the amount he claims to have asked for – $200m.

James Wang, 49, argues his lawyer, Andrew Rozynski, exaggerated his understanding of sign language and mistook the amount Mr Wang was suing for. The sign for “thousand” involves tapping the palm once, while for “million”, it’s twice.  Mr Wang alleges that the computer giant fired him as a result of his disability in 2013, the New York Post reports.

Mr Wang is suing Mr Rozynski’s firm, Eisenberg & Baum LLP, for legal malpractice at Manhattan Supreme Court.

However, the lawyer argues the case is without merit, pointing to US District Court Judge Vincent Briccetti’s judgment in the previous lawsuit in which he said it was implausible for Mr Wang to expect to be awarded $200m, over 3,000 times his salary.