Wednesday, 26 April 2017

This is the RAD...

It doesn't explain there are cost and basic RAD availability issues.  E.G. no offices or agency exists in Wales or in many other parts of the UK.  The reliance online does not help either.  In the opening issue, the man sought benefit advice, we don't know what area he was from, but in Wales, not a single deaf organisation was able to advise on that, as they had no deaf professionally trained to advise.   As such, benefits advice had to be supplied by the groups for blind and deaf-blind instead.

On another aspect, an advertised 'newly opened' RAD office in Wales, actually NEVER opened and 'closed' shortly afterwards with no explanation at all.  We suggest it was because staff said the RAD did not make it worth their while to be employed by them and left the RAD.  Budding 'Deaf' lawyers were still being ostracised by mainstream legal areas..... because no support was forthcoming for the RAD trainees to gain legal experience.

One issue is the perennial 'Deaf' issue in that the specialisation on BSL-only clients fell foul of laws (!) on inclusion, you should have read the books, lads.....  Maybe more productive of the RAD to lobby for own staff access and awareness first. With many parts of the UK now devolved, the RAD is really NON-extant for deaf unless you live in southern England, more honesty, please.

As an example, the AOHL (a charity for the HoH), had 42,000+ concerns raised on their forum re the complete lack of proper benefit advice from deaf or HoH groups, right in the middle of RAD's area coverage, are people seeking out the RAD, not !

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