Saturday, 20 May 2017

Deaf ? and choosing a career ?

The word between the lines, 'Would you like to work in a Charity ?' no doubt a deaf one....  What advice deaf need is to ensure they can cope in hearing environments with little signed access, we don't see that advice...

They have spent years telling deaf they are entitled to access the mainstream, and an equal amount of time insisting only if mainstream signs to them, it's the absence of realities we find hinder deaf at the work face, and their need to adapt to that, they cannot all work in the signing BDA, and the UK's largest charity for those with hearing loss hasn't a single signer in an executive position, they are all hearing, because the deaf have no work experience, and unable to get it, and it all hinges pretty much on the language acquisition and need for non-reliance on others.  

Employers seem convinced they have to hire two people every time not one.  In the efforts to improve academic gain for the deaf, little focus is given to the reality that mainstream does not use their approaches, it is far too late to expect deaf to adapt AFTER formative education has finished in a deaf school, it is like entering another world entirely, and without the skills to adapt.  It is not helped by demands everyone else has to adapt to them, in life, this doesn't happen.

It isn't helped by educational statistics that state the deaf child is falling further and further behind.  The whole suggestion is parallel educational approaches, and then parallel social aspects, followed by parallel job options, parallel approaches to work, in a world that is getting more black and white every day. There are not parallel job opportunities.  It is deaf worlds versus hearing employment reality, and with only one outcome.

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