Monday, 29 May 2017

deaf awareness ?

I struggled to see any, I did see a LOT of 'Deaf' people signing, and why use the terms 'deaf and HoH ?' when there were obviously no Hard of hearing there and they were all using sign language ?  Please promote OWN areas under OWN labels, don't use other people's.  

Other than that it was a good promo for the culturally-inclined that at least had captions a rarity these days !  Hard of Hearing DON'T use terms like 'deaf' or 'Deaf' to describe themselves, so why do those with profound loss call themselves HoH as well? It's all designed to promote sign and culture online so anyone who ISN'T looking for that output, are tuned in by the HoH tags by default search options.  Type in 'HoH' and see what you DON'T get.

We've asked google to monitor deaf output that obviously is NOT covering the area or content, it is claiming to cover.  Apparently there is no way to prevent ambiguous promotion using someone else's ID.

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