Friday, 26 May 2017

Poor Ricky !

Damned if you do, damned if you don't, the best approach is never apologise or appease, its a sign of weakness.  A G Bell blocks a response ?  They are WAY behind ASL and BSL dedicated areas who first started mass blocking of people that didn't follow the herd as soon as they went online, unable to counter or justify many statements they made.... Now its apparently acceptable to not justify.

Complaining about A G Bell just empowers ASL activism  to complain more. Obviously live and let live is under siege in the USA.  I suppose its the oralism thing, which is choice, and whilst I don't fully understand the USA way of things, it is the overwhelming right to plug that choice. ATR has had personal abuse simply for any coverage of A G Bell regardless if the post is relevant to me.  I came to to get away from UK signer abuses, and a threat of rape by a homosexual deaf person there.

Via comment it is better to put your own view, let them take it or leave it. Life is too short to attempt to please everybody.  It's clear Ricky worries about gay backlash as well, don't be ! Nobody is above being silly, mean or wrong.  Not even TV stars.

As a Brit I found the USA extremely divisive regarding deafness and hearing loss, fortunately in the UK we just nod sagely here and ignore the ramblings of various signing activists, who want to maintain some US versus Them set up, there isn't any us V them just them talking to themselves, and forever playing the woe is me and deaf martyr card. They want this confined 'Deaf World' they are welcome to it, just don't go complaining to us after it is restrictive.

Any oppressed that exist are by far the NON-signing deaf and others, for them no national support system exists, at least in the UK, no deafhood here either.  OK we accept the blame for it, but the USA did distort the whole thing and made money out of it, which I suspect wasn't the original idea, and they still need a host of English translators to unravel it all.... which again rather defeats the point, if Mr Ladd ever had any.

The HI also have to contend with everyone signs definitions emanating from you know where. It may even be a signing area....   Recent Louisiana attempts to put signing deaf on some higher level than non-signers is too stupid really to attempt to counter.   Under the guise of equality, they want segregation acceptable. Or at best some deaf more 'equal' than others.  We in the UK have sat and watched 'Deaf week' constant attacks on speech and text access areas, BORING as well as tiresome.

We aren't brave, celebrities or heroic for going for equality, and it does seem 'equality' and 'inclusion' has a different mind set with the ASL or BSL user, and is entirely  relative.   They are rooted to their own area and don't really relate anywhere else, otherwise they would not be making such a big deal of empowering their status quo AS a minority. Integration plays little part of 'Deaf' equality campaigns.  Everyone conforms to them or that's it, is hardly a realistic approach. 

Until there is an holistic and inclusive aim, we are all left to counter the hype... nobody is more equal than anyone else, and I strongly suspect the De Marco thing is gay 'pride' more than deaf. But then I would rather my eyes bled than watch dancing shows. It is of minor interest, given e.g. at Gallaudet the gays were ousted there for trying to hijack deaf awareness and access campaigns, and then attempting to redefine the role of inclusive/diversity officers with the view they cannot have any....  

Seems the land of the free and democracy is totally at the mercy of this minority angst.  Not what inclusion or democracy is about. The needs of the many etc....

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