Sunday, 28 May 2017

See it, say it.

Image result for distortionRecent reports on right to sign were grossly misreported in Deaf media and raised the issue of fact distortions  and omission, within the signing activists community. 

Reports online suggest 97% of deaf children and young deaf adults want BSL taught in education, the deaf spun it as 97% of young HEARING people support BSL in education,which was neither accurate nor true. Numbers or identities of people polled was not validated on social media.  

The original survey  validated those who contributed (The findings were based on responses from 2,128 deaf children and young people.).  Are 2,128 children '97% of hearing students ?' Factually they asked 748 deaf). Did they just go to a deaf school or a PHU ? yes they did.

More stats [c/o BATOD/NDCS):

23 deaf schools.
22,000 deaf and other pupils with hearing loss in mainstream.
2184 wear CI's.

Maybe the right to sign area can validate its statistics based on just 748 deaf ? which is not 97% but the remainder, just over 3% surveyed. 

For E.G. Jeff McWhinney:  1.1 Interpretation of findings:

Due to the self-selecting nature of the sample, the survey results are likely to be somewhat biased towards those who already had positive views and experiences of BSL. This may be reflected in the responses so findings should be interpreted with this in mind. 

What they said:    May 25
Wow! I didn't expect this to be this high a percentage!! BSL power!

The problem is the mass distortion of facts, that mislead systems and deaf people.   No attempt is made to clarify, and you get attacked if you try.. Maybe Jeff should read about his claims before he makes them, given 16m hearing young people were not asked at all. Asking for clarity, was a signal to identify the questioner as an attacker of sign language.  

When the issue of statistical validity and accuracy was put to the deaf on Twitter, ATR got a response from Jeff McWhinney that asking for clarity on that question, was 'trolling'. The stat system of closing down response by deaf activists.   I suppose the issue is if you want unbiased responses don't ask biased areas.  Nice try, but no prize Jeff... The facts came from your own area....

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