Thursday, 25 May 2017

USA assisting Terrorists ?

British authorities warn of 'damage' to investigation from leaks
"Police hunting the terror network behind the Manchester Arena bombing have stopped passing information to the US on the investigation as a major transatlantic row erupted over leaks of key evidence in the US, according to a report."

This is after a USA newspaper published data designed to assist anti-terror agencies worldwide, were then published in an USA newspaper.  This allows IS and others to plan more atrocities providing less clues for our police and other agencies to trace them.

Complete irresponsibility from the USA and its media.  These animals of IS blew up our children.  Because of USA abuses of information, they will get LESS help or information from the UK, which ultimately means more successful outrages, we have to be able to trust the Americans, and it seems we now cannot ?  Trump sells your secrets to Russia, other give secrets free to terrorists.

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