Friday, 9 June 2017

Another fine mess.....

Image result for another fine messOk we voted, no result, hung parliament, yet some claim that is success (If chaos is your idea of success)..  Basically it is back to the ballot box, sooner rather than later one suspects.  It's been a right old waste of time all around much like the USA's 'electrifying' inquisition with the FBI's Comey. 

From what we saw in the UK who preferred watching that soap opera, Comey was the only one emerging with any integrity.  Not hard given the USA's president, anyone would be seen that way.

ATR doesn't agree deaf have gained by supporting the Labour candidate Corbyn, factually we were NOT asked in the UK if we wanted Corbyn or Mrs May, they aren't listed as standing in our area, we were voting on local MP representation. 

Personally I was being asked to vote if my current MP was still good enough to carry on representing my area.  It was a no brainer in that the welsh areas would never vote Tory even if no one else was standing, so it was a foregone conclusion mostly, we voted same old calamity again.  If its broke, leave it that way.

The post mortem really was that Mrs May started badly then went downhill faster than a landslide in the alps.  Having started by attacking old and vulnerable people,  then claiming more austerity is good for us, and signalling the demise of the NHS, it was as if she was determined to fail.  It was arrogance plain and simply, David Cameron instigated Brexit convinced no one would ever go with it and resigned straight after.  

Mrs May already with a majority went for broke, convinced Labour was a car crash in action and to signal a total wipe out of that party, one suspects as we write she is contemplating when to go too, as any coalition is doomed to failure.  The very thing she went to the country to prevent happening.  All she had to do was not call an election, and she could have watched Corbyn self destruct.

Although the Corbyn factor gained some momentum, we still don't want him in charge of anything except a school crossing, (preferably nowhere near a busy road), an open pacifist and terrorist (IRA) supporter/appeaser accompanied by a shadow minster who cannot read their own manifesto let alone is numerate, and dropped out on the last day of electioneering claiming a migraine, and party members who are so left wing they can only proceed in a circular motion.

What is at stake is Brexit and the will of the British people to stem the tide of immigration, increase our safety,  and to reclaim own borders and laws from a German/French dominated EU, who attack the UK and the USA equally for not bailing them out when they mess up.. and protecting them when they can't be bothered to protect themselves.  Except Corbyn thinks defending the UK makes us look bad to others who want our democracy removed..

Corbyn is determined to sell us out and convinced IS/Taliban et al can be reasoned with, albeit won't go to Mosul or Afghanistan to make the point.  If he did he would pass the masses of refugees on the way here,  who could put him right. Brexit is now, and due to start negotiations in days, and, we haven't a government to do it... with a bullying EU 27-1 set up against us.  And you think only Trump is a walking tangerine disaster...

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