Thursday, 22 June 2017

Deaf are Human (But so are we).

It is also true to say those who lose hearing, can also feel it is a disability too, and the realism is they don't feel the same way about being deaf as the sign user does, nor, do millions with hearing loss share the same view, they tend to agree it needs fixing and alleviating and push for medical research and technology to do this, only those born deaf do not feel things need to be fixed, but that is on the basis they don't know anything else, so to be expected.

They cannot compare loss with hearing because it is not their experience, often they talk from a system of ignorance, let us be honest about it...  It's always better deaf if that is your ONLY experience.  if you lose hearing then hearing would be what you want.  Born deaf adults take CI's too, so it tends to disprove the global claims made.

There needs to be better respect and acceptance, not everyone has the same view on these issues, less than 5% of deaf USE sign language on a  daily reliant basis, less than point 2% are deaf by genetics, only 1% have a deaf parent...   Perspective would be good too.  If someone deaf doesn't want a life of sign, then we must respect that too, and develop alternatives for those choices.  In reality we see virulent objection to alternatives, choice or not because culture not loss or deafness is driving campaigns.  

The video is suggesting nothing about how WE feel as the majority, just what ASL users do and should be viewed on that basis.  OK if you want sign, but OK if you don't and want some hearing also.  There is room for all of us.  The video seems to be critical of hearing mainstream, mainly because the pro-Deaf argument can fall if they include EVERYONE.   They would be accused of misrepresentation too. 

Sadly it suggests bias and less than accurate awareness emanating everywhere, which can damage or undermine support systems, who appear to be accepting very blanket statements of reality and failing to provide proper support based on need.... Ironically it is the sign user highly dependent on support, and technology, which could suggest they really are the most disabled by deafness.  It was a master-stroke in retrospect they suggest it be re-branded as 'empowerment' instead, but, the image as deaf know, is all.

It is not what mainstream are seeing.  The mainstream are beginning to recognise their need, and the deaf hate them for it.

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