Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Gallaudet: A hot bed of radical signing culture ?

Image result for one size fits allRead a response on social media (Facebook), regarding a comment from a deaf man who watched a Gallaudet deaf studies video on 'Deaf and Hearing Impaired' recently... (Ignoring the own goal by Gallaudet using the HI/HoH tag we were told!).  Gally is an ASL Uni nothing else.

QUOTE: "My only concern is such 'awareness' videos emanating from ASL areas block awareness of issues of non signing deaf people, and downplay issues that the majority of people with hearing loss suffer from.  

Whether this is by design or default is immaterial, it distorts support and awareness, as the relentless promotion of ASL and Culture, utilises HoH and HI tagging to promote something totally different, is it designed to distort and mislead ?  Maybe the USA does operate a unified approach to hearing loss issues, but all I can see is more of the same being mirrored in the UK that almost completely ignores. 

Recent BSL TV output was utilised by deaf activism to offer negativity at cochlear implants, this was promoted under the 'view of deaf people being expressed democratically' but there was no CI view positivism in balance offered.  Distortion by omission.

There  are 9 million  who have hearing loss here,  15/18,000 only use BSL (UK last Census), Wales has less than 600... out of 300,000 with HoH. where I ask is perspective ?  The image is all, you cannot see hearing loss, you can see sign, ergo all deaf sign. We know this is not true a statement, deaf culture knows this is not true, but there is no attempt to correct.

The fact remains even in the USA ASL deaf are a huge minority within the hearing loss areas, as are BSL users here in the UK,  A minority isn't a majority because they think so !   Just because you live in a small village, and never travel outside of it, does not mean there isn't a world outside... as Martha's Vineyard found out.

I would much prefer more balance is seen of the majority with loss, who appear to have been completely sidelined by deaf cultural promotion and  are all aware the 'Deaf and HoH' remit no longer functions, either in practice, daily support need, or via charitable support areas, which are already polarised into 'Deaf' and 'deaf' enclaves, because it is easier to offer up 2 labels instead of identifying facts which would clarify there are 100s of differing areas in hearing loss and deafness terms. No one size fits all, nor 2 !"

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