Sunday, 18 June 2017

Human rights and human wrongs.

An UK liberal democrat politician recently abandoned his leadership role because he felt too uncomfortable to support issues surrounding homosexuality and the church, and got attacked by a porn star as a result.   

One assumes the homosexual lobby will be not caring much he has gone, having waged a long campaign against the christian church for its issues of dogma that left homosexuals out. Then again the issues of people being 'forced' to accept many issues, under pain of legal sanction, and to accept or else, minority views and practices they are not comfortable with, either for themselves or their family members, just carries anyway, causing problems with Human Rights and its law of bias and conflicting/unequal application.

There is scant sympathy with the resignation, it affects the overall application of rights, or respect for freedom of worship not an iota, even had he stayed in his position and adhered to his reluctance to support areas, he would have been ousted anyway. Far better he stuck to his real principle and declared he wasn't going to support areas he did not believe in, instead he ended up a hypocrite anyway.

Most of us do NOT support a number of topical issues, I don't like minorities or gender groups in our schools (Social engineering),  e.g. or approve of 'Deaf'' awareness in its present applications (All deaf sign whatever !), but most tend to sit back and either say nothing or declare cest la vie, (The ultimate opt out), When in doubt follow the herd, even if they are lemmings. Political correctness and the assault on freedom of speech has made us all hypocrites. Sadly, the sectors demanding we have to accept everything they say and do, are getting away with attacking others, by stifling freedom of speech and hounding objectors with the law. It is as if they really believe a law can change a feeling or attitude.

Politicians (And us), should be allowed to state "I/we don't support this at all, but  unequal rights laws, and the misguided extremes insist I do...' Thought police rule.  We saw an example in Gallaudet where a 'diversity' officer was hounded out for not being 'diverse' enough, when she supported homosexuality in principle but not in practice.  Suggesting there is no qualification to attain to be a diversity officer fell on deaf ears !  Even after Gays were challenged for hijacking deaf rights to promote gender rights instead, that carried on unchallenged, it displays everyone is scared to say what they feel.

There does seem a concerted assault and ridicule aimed at religious belief that is very biased in nature in the UK, mainly because holier than thou areas (!) are far more cowardly and hypocritical than we are and cannot justify own criticism, and close down dissent with the law to avoid justification.   They target specific western world benign religions that are easier to attack, rather than the more formidable religions of the middle east where they don't dare challenge or face death.    What sort of 'victory' is being gained ?

If we don't like something we should all have a right to say so.  No cow is sacred. It isn't hate to disagree with something, it is if you aim at the person.  Some religions are fair game, some definitely aren't as we know. Whatever happened to the law that said 'freedom of worship ?'   It didn't say you can worship, but not via your own bible, credo or rules, because they are going to rewrite them for you.  We may not believe in religion,  or believe nothing at all, we need to respect those that do, but EQUALLY.  If you do not care for a church or its tenet, join one that doesn't have it, or, form your own, that is the real deal on rights, the alternative is to risk denying someone else's right of belief so you can impose your own.

That isn't equality, equal rights or fairness.  Basically you just drive opposition underground where you cannot address it, you are just a tip of an iceberg that wants to overturn and drown you !

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