Friday, 9 June 2017

The doubters are out ?

Image result for mandy deaf singerMuch is made of the deaf singer (Mandy) in America has talent, but a few complained why does a deaf person want to SING ?  'She looked hearing...' was one comment we read.

What should the deaf do ? sign ? to an audience that doesn't ? From what I saw the singer did both, seems you cannot please all the people all the time.  This is deaf culture's Achilles's heel, 'nothing but sign will do..'  I wasn't happy attention was drawn to the fact she was an ex hearing person who went deaf, so what ?  She should have been a mute deaf signer instead ?

On a national talent show, (Even one as dire as AGT or BGT!), participants are there to appeal to the widest possible audience (Or to be ridiculed in the case of the UK because we haven't any talent), not the smallest, so not everything is an opportunity to plug signing culture, there are individuals with own aspirations too.  She knows there is no singing future in a deaf world.  The same as Marlee, and De Marco.. You need to connect with hearing.

Sadly the fact she did enter is being viewed as some 'novelty' act, and not as a musician doing her own thing, until the fact someone deaf turns up at these things and their status is ignored, and they are judged on the musical/artistic merits, and communication is NOT an issue to be talking about, we won't see deaf viewed as anything but a minority and being patronised on a nation-wide scale.

Was it even necessary to point out she was deaf ?  Winning despite the odds thing ? So we are appealing on the basis we are deaf ?  I thought she was there to show she could sing and make music....

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