Sunday, 25 June 2017

VRS calls being ignored...

Sheila Montney, Deaf Centre Manitoba’s executive director, has had more than 30 people contact her about their video relay service calls being hung up on by people who think they're being contacted by telemarketers.
A service that helps people who are deaf and hard of hearing make phone calls is being mistaken for a telemarketing service, resulting in slammed down phones and cut lines before the person has a chance to communicate.

VRS, or video relay service, was introduced in September to allow Canadians who are deaf and hard of hearing to communicate in their first language — American Sign Language.

More sign-language interpreters needed as video-relay service launches in Winnipeg. "A lot of people don't know what VRS is. When we phone, sometimes they think it's a telemarketer and they end up hanging up," said Sheila Montney, Deaf Centre Manitoba's executive director.

"I would say there's probably about 30 — there's been many, many [people hung up on]."  She said users of the service "come and try to ask me for help and let me know that a lot of people are hanging up on them. 

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