Sunday, 18 June 2017

Will you please take an awareness course ?

Image result for who or what am I ?Opinion: Deafness is a continuum. It's not all or nothing. Nikki Shaw says she uses the term 'deaf' because she has accepted her hearing loss, and because it helps her. But has she accepted her loss ?  In discussing or even accepting d/D she has reverted to confusion. It is no crime to accept you need to understand yourself first.

"As I’ve mentioned before, I’m deaf. I intentionally use the term ‘deaf’ rather than hearing impaired, hard of hearing or Deaf. 

Deaf, with a capital ‘D’ refers to people who are born Deaf, or become so prelingual (before they can speak).  Hearing impaired, in contrast, is usually how the hearing community describe people with a hearing loss. As so we’re missing something, that we’ve lost it and that we’re not ‘normal’ as a result. Hard of hearing is kind of in the middle. It describes the reality but doesn’t fully identify with either the Deaf or Hearing cultural perspectives on deafness.

The term ‘deaf’ is usually used by those of us who have accepted our deafness, but were late deafened (post lingual) and/or have a progressive loss. It’s not to say that we don’t have any residual hearing but that we’ve accepted having little, to no, hearing."

ATR COMMENT:  "It is just sad people need a label on them. I think it probably worse people are still attempting to redefine everyone else. Who cares about the politics of hearing loss ? it just makes this d and D nonsense suggest divisions.   It only helps the sign user and to focus attention and support on THEM, you have been reduced via the capitalisation to minor status as has your loss and your support and awareness needs. No one on the planet recognises a deaf person without sign thrown in, so 'deaf' is nothing at all really.

What matters is support and awareness, that has been dumped in favour of extremes and misrepresentations from the sign language community, then systems accepting it is a fact. If you do not know who or what you are, it will take a lot more than hearing loss to provide the answer...  The whole article suggests a form of brain-washing has been applied, and personal views or experiences are being accepted as undeniable fact for everyone else... and without any proof or basis.  Why the constant need to justify yourself ?  Be happy with less, but don't expect the rest of us will...

First and foremost you are an individual, be content with that. stick labels on jars.

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